FBN continues its dominance over CNBC

FBN continues its dominance over CNBC
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‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ Marks 72 Consecutive Weeks as Number One in Business News

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FOX Business Network (FBN) continued its dominance over CNBC, topping the network in Business Day viewers during the first week of the year (January 1st– January 5th), according to Nielsen Media Research.  As markets hit record highs,  FBN’s Business Day bested CNBC with 212,000 total viewers compared to 207,000 for the week. Additionally, as the Dow passed the momentous 25,000 mark on Thursday January 4th, FBN’s Business Day coverage saw an 8 percent advantage with 282,000 total viewers compared to CNBC’s 260,000.

Marking 72 consecutive weeks as the leader in business news, Lou Dobbs Tonight (7-8p/ET) once again delivered the number one rated program in business television with 357,000 total viewers. Along with Dobbs, FBN’s Varney & Co (9a-12p/ET), CAVUTO Coast to Coast (12-2p-/ET), and Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman (3-4p/ET), were among the six top rated programs last week.

Additionally, Mornings with Maria (6-9a/ET) anchored by Maria Bartiromo bested it’s CNBC competition during the influential pre-market hours with 113,000 total viewers. For the 35th straight week, Risk & Reward (5-6p/ET) topped its CNBC competition with 189,000 total viewers, while Varney & Co. scored its 33rd  consecutive weekly win in total viewers against CNBC’s Squawk Alley/Squawk on the Street with 285,000 viewers.

***Below is the data according to Nielsen Media Research


Week of January 1st – January 5th, 2018:

Business Day

FBN: 212,000 P2+, 26,000 A25-54

CNBC: 207,000 P2+; 38,000 A25-54


Thursday, January 4th,  2017:

Business Day

FBN: 282,000 P2+, 31,000 A25-54

CNBC: 260,000 P2+; 39,000 A25-54


Ratings for the top six business programs

Total Viewers: Lou Dobbs Tonight (357,000), Varney & Co (285,000), Squawk on the Street (241,000) CAVUTO Coast to Coast (239,000),  Squawk Alley (235,000), Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman (233,000)

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