Edible Bacteria That Eat Human Waste Could Be Food For Astronauts

Edible Bacteria That Eat Human Waste Could Be Food For Astronauts
By NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Researchers have found that three types of edible bacteria that can process human waste might be able to be used for food for Astronauts.

Currently, our dreams of starting a colony on another planet are not very realistic. In addition to the dangers that a manned space flight of a distance to a planet like Mars would bring to astronauts in terms of their health, actually surviving once on the new planet is not currently feasible. With our inability to resupply a colony on another planet due to the extreme time it would take for a new spacecraft to make the trip, it’s important that any established space colony be able to support its residents entirely.

Researchers at Penn State may have arrived at a novel new solution after finding edible bacteria that process human waste. By using human waste to grow a huge amount of these edible bacteria, astronauts may be able to feed themselves while on other planets.

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Edible Bacteria

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