Danish Inventor Formally Charged In Kim Wall Murder Case

Danish Inventor Formally Charged In Kim Wall Murder Case
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Danish inventor Peter Madsen is now formally being charged with murdering Kim Wall, a Swedish Journalist, during a trip on his private submarine, Fox News reported. According to Jakob Buch-Jepsen, the Danish State Prosecutor, Madsen was awaiting trial since August 2017, when he admitted he was responsible for Kim Wall’s murder and disappearance.

According to the Associated Press, the prosecutor said Tuesday that the case was “very unusual and extremely gross,” adding that recent evidence suggests that Madsen either cut Wall’s throat or strangled her.

Madsen, who co-founded the non-profit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals and is now the CEO of RML Spacelab ApS, is charged with murder, dismemberment and indecent handling of a corpse for the way he disposed of Wall’s body. According to Fox News, he is also charged with having sexual relations with Wall of “particularly dangerous nature.”

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The Danis prosecution authority made the charges against Madsen in the Kim Wall Murder case public earlier this week. Buch-Jepsen claims the killing was premeditated and said that prosecutors will urge that Madsen is sentenced to life in prison. Due to the extre