Construction Worker Finds A Snake In The Car While On The Road

Construction Worker Finds A Snake In The Car While On The Road
Image source: Facebook Video Screenshot

Your morning commute may be boring, but it could be a lot worse. Brisbane Snake Catchers shared a video on Facebook of an Australian construction worker dealing with a snake in the car.

A Snake In the Car

A post shared on January 9th showed a video of a construction worker who had called for help from Brisbane Snake Catchers to deal with a snake in the car. The video included below documents his scary encounter as well as the process of dealing with the snake in the car. Warning: it’s not for the squeamish.

The situation is scary to imagine. In the early morning many people are driving to work and still trying to wake up – perhaps dealing with rush hour traffic in the process. Imagine suddenly dealing with a snake in the car, as the creature slithers across your arm. It’s a wonder that this unfortunate construction worker didn’t crash and that he had the clarity of mind to call the experts for help rather than trying to deal with the situation himself.

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