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Activist Investing In 2018

Here are some of the predictions for 2018 that we’ve heard in recent weeks:

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  • Expect to see a continued increase in shareholder activism in Europe. Deconglomeratization and inbound takeover bids will probably be a common occurrence on the Continent.
  • M&A activity is anticipated to rise in 2018 with tax reform and high valuations encouraging acquisitions rather than buybacks. Expect activists to get into the weeds of transactions to create value.
  • CEO transitions will continue to be a common theme in the upcoming year, especially with control slates in proxy fights becoming harder to justify. New CEOs can help activists complete big strategic shifts.
  • Some suspect the new year will see more fights, especially since boards have lost their fear of activists and index funds have become easier to read.

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  • Will we see you at Skytop Strategies’ Shareholder Activism conference in New York on January 25? Activist Insight editor-in-chief, Josh Black, will be moderating a discussion panel about early stage deals and settlements between boards and activists.
  • Will you join us at our proxy season kickoff party, hosted in collaboration with FTI Consulting, in New York on February 13? We look forward to bringing more networking opportunities to our clients throughout 2018.
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Activist Insight update

This past year has been an exciting period for Activist Insight as we published new reports, hosted original networking events, and launched innovative products. 2017 saw the publication of our first M&A report in May, our first Asia report in September, and third annual Europe report in October, and another successful year for Activist Insight Monthly. We also hosted two Activist Insight Live events in New York. In addition, 2017 saw the launch of Activist Insight Vulnerability - which featured the successful prediction of five activist campaigns - and Activist Insight Shorts, our short seller database. Keep an eye out for a new product, landing in 2018.

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