Vaping On Screen! [INFOGRAPHIC]

The concept of Vaping has garnered popularity of late. But you will be surprised that vaping has its roots in the ancient times as well. It has evolved over the period and come down to an electric device which converts the vaping material into a vapour.
E-Cig usage has seen an upsurge in the recent years. If you are still a novice and wondering what vaping is, then to make things clear, it is the act of inhaling vapour generated by the electronic cigarette or a vaporizer using a concentrate, an e-liquid or dry herbs. There is a lot of debate going on the advantages of Vaping over traditional smoking and we see different views and opinions against and in favour of vaping. But we see smoking people are preferring vaping to smoking.

Smoking has always been a fascinating factor in movies from as early as 1930’s to depict mystery and sometimes prominence of characters. Owing to its increasing popularity, Vaping and vaping devices are being displayed on the TV shows, video games and movies as well as the characters and actors using different vaping devices and kits. Though there have been scenes of vaping on the screen from as early as 2010, now we see more of it since big names of the entertainment industry has become more vocal about it.

Earlier, when the vaping scenes were introduced in movies and TV shows, it was more of an explanatory stuff as in what it is and why it is used. But now we see vaping on screen as more of a habit and personality trait of the character.

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Vaping devices also say a lot about the user, like if he is a newbie vaper or a veteran in the journey of vaping. Here is an Infographic by GreyHaze, enlisting the movies and instances of vaping on the big and small screen along with the synopsis on the vaping devices.

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Vaping On Screen

Infographic by Grey Haze