U.N. Votes On Jerusalem: This Is How Countries Voted [PHOTO]

The United Nation’s General Assembly has rejected the U.S. decision to recognize the city of Jerusalem as Israel’s de facto capital. The Assembly gathered in New York City earlier on Thursday to vote on a nonbinding resolution calling on countries not to move their embassies to the disputed city of Jerusalem.

U.N. Vote On Jerusalem Israel Capital
(Courtesy) TV News Screenshot.

By a lopsided vote 128 to 9, an overwhelming majority of the world’s nations openly denounced the Trump administration’s controversial decision and demanded that the United States revoke its December 6 declaration.

Despite the fact that the Assembly meeting had 35 abstentions, the incredibly disproportionate vote illustrates just how much diplomatic isolation the United States are facing after defying the 50-year-old international consensus on the status of the holy city of Jerusalem.

With some of the closest allies to the United States, such as France, Great Britain, and Japan, voting in favor of the resolution, the extent to which President Trump’s decision has unsettled the world politics has become incontestably clear. Canada and Australia, U.S. allies whose votes could have brought more weight to the resolution, have abstained from the vote, joining the ranks of Mexico, Hungary, Poland and 30 other countries who steered clear of the controversial referendum.

Israel celebrated President Trump’s decision, with its government staying defiant to the U.N. resolution. While speaking at the dedication of a new hospital in Ashdod, a port city south of Tel Aviv, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel “whether the U.N. recognizes it or not.”

Israel’s diplomatic delegation to the U.N. has also denounced the Assembly’s Thursday vote, claiming that it bears little or no difference from the 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism. The U.N. resolution contained a bitterly contested statement that said that Zionism, the Jewish national movement, is a form of “racism and racial discrimination.” The statement was revoked in 1991 after intensive lobbying on behalf of the U.S. According to the New York Times, Israel’s envoy to the United Nations, Danny Danon, told the General Assembly that “It’s shameful that this meeting is even taking place.”

The only countries to vote against the U.N resolution apart from Israel and the U.S were Guatemala, Honduras, Togo, the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and the Marshall Islands.

One step forward, two steps back

President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is widely considered to have upended decades of American foreign policy. With the issue of Jerusalem looming over the region since the Arab-Israeli war of 1967, all American leaders before Trump managed to successfully tiptoe around the issue. However, as the future of Jerusalem being one of the campaign promises Trump was most vocal about, actually delivering on his promise has definitely cemented the integrity he has among his supporters.

Despite President Trump’s decision resonating well with Israel, many American Jewish organizations saw nothing positive about the outcome of Thursday’s vote. The New York Times reported on David Harris, the chief executive of the American Jewish Committee, saying he was “dismayed by the overwhelming support of U.N. Member States for the General Assembly resolution condemning U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.” Later in his statement, Mr. Harris condemned the U.N. for not putting enough pressure on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to negotiate with Israel directly.

Jerusalem Masjid Al Aqsa UN Vote
tihanyitom / Pixabay

Once staunch allies of the U.S., France and Britain both claimed that their votes for the U.N. resolution were just a reaffirmation of the 1967 Security Council’s Jerusalem resolution. Both countries played down the isolation of the United States by walking a very thin line between openly denouncing Trump’s decision and defying the majority of the U.N. member states.

François Delattre, France’s ambassador to the U.N., said that “This vote must not divide or exclude. It is more important than ever to rally the international community around the agreed parameters of the peace process, and this, of course, includes the United States, as everyone is aware of its particular role and influence on this issue.”

Bringing the U.S. closer to Israel has also managed to isolate most of the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia, United States longtime ally. The isolation President Trump is dealing with on this issue might have also complicated future talks with Palestine. With a very clear and very deep schism between both sides, a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still very much unattainable.

Foreign policy, kindergarten style

With experts claiming that Thursday’s incredibly lopsided vote is a clear reflection of the General Assembly’s resentment towards threats made by President Trump and U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley, it’s clear that the backlash the U.S. has received is much more than just a minor setback.

“All of these nations that take our money and then they vote against us at the Security Council or they vote against us, potentially, at the Assembly, they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes,” President Trump said while speaking to reporters on Wednesday. “Let them vote against us; we’ll save a lot. We don’t care,” he added.

His statement echoed that of Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. In an email sent to General Assembly members on Tuesday, she argued that Mr. Trump’s Jerusalem declaration had not prejudged the outcome of any negotiations, and urged them to back the United States on the vote.

However, the soft-spoken plea was followed by a very passive aggressive invocation of President Trump’s earlier threats. “The President will be watching this vote carefully and has requested I report back on those countries who voted against us. We will take note of each and every vote on this issue,” she wrote.

With Trump continually threatening to cut off many of the country’s allies, most of them members of the Arab League, the backlash he has received over the Jerusalem decision might be just the thing the U.S. needs to justify its long-stated goal.


  1. From 72 years of experience and watching the news. Where do you get YOUR “crazy ideas”?

  2. You’re full to the gills in bias!
    Several holy books have Jerusalem as their sacred land!
    Now the USA ranks right down there with Togo!!!
    Thanks Trump.. ya got rolled by Bibi ?!!

  3. After this story went to print and everyone was away our senior editor sent the following message to the writer of this piece – please read

    ” just how much diplomatic isolation the United States are facing after defying the 50-year-old international consensus on the status of the holy city of Jerusalem.”

    The UNGA always votes “against Israel” overwhelmingly no matter who is president why that is is different question and gets political but factually that is the case https://www.valuewalk.com/2017/12/u-n-vote-u-s-jerusalem-israel-capital/

    whether one thinks this should be the case or not is immaterial but
    UNGA votes are nonbinding only security council are

    some examples – i think decision was dumb and i didn’t vote for Trump
    but sticking to facts the thesis is factually inaccurate even if other
    media outlets parrot that line the data is 100% against the theory in
    fact 1999 votes (during the height of oslo) were even more in favor of
    Palestinians particularly on Jerusalem

    2017 128-9-35

    2016 (A/C.2/71/L.35): 155 Yes – 8 No – 10 Abstain
    2015 (A/Res/70/225): 164-5-10
    2014 (A/Res/69/L.33): 165-6-9
    2007 (A/Res/62/181): 166-7-6
    2006 (A/Res/61/184): 164-6-9
    2005 (A/Res/60/183): 156-6-8
    2004 (A/Res/59/251): 156-5-11
    2003 (A/Res/58/229): 142-4-9
    2002 (A/Res/57/269): 155-4-4
    2001 (A/Res/56/204): 148-4-4
    2000 (A/Res/55/209): 147-2-3
    1999 (A/Res/54/230): 145-3-6

    2016 (A/71/L.22): 149 Yes – 7 No – 8 Abstain
    2015 (A/Res/70/16): 153-7-8
    2014 (A/Res/69/24): 144-6-10
    2007 (A/Res/62/84): 160-6-7
    2006 (A/Res/61/26): 157-6-10
    2005 (A/Res/60/41): 153-7-12
    2004 (A/Res/59/32): 155-7-15
    2003 (A/Res/58/22): 155-8-7
    2002 (A/Res/57/111): 154-5-6
    2001 (A/Res/56/31): 130-2-10
    2000 (A/Res/55/50): 145-1-5
    1999 (A/Res/54/37): 139-1-3

  4. Hard power politics brought down the Iron Curtain with most of the world on our side. The US can’t play hard power politics against the entire world and win.

  5. You don’t execute business deals in which you don’t know the benefits. I can’t even speculate about what benefits MIGHT somehow be derived. Can you? If we’re going to have a transactional foreign policy then let’s transact.

    How do you think it forces the Palestinians to negotiate in good faith? How does this change their calculus? And who’s going to serve as intermediary now? It can’t be us anymore.

  6. The US.
    Hard power politics brought down the Iron Curtain.
    Pretty easy…..and there are MANY more examples.
    Not our fault you choose to ignore them

  7. “CalLiberal.”
    What kind of California liberal beats their kids?
    OH, when it supports an argument against Trump’s childishness.
    Yet, you don’t see the irony in your comments.
    Typical mindless California liberal.
    Just out for a cheap poke at Trump even if it DOES expose your own ignorance and hypocrisy, huh?

  8. We don’t really know, YET, what, if anything, we get from this.
    I’m under the minority opinion where, I feel, this move by Trump only stated the obvious:
    Jerusalem IS Israel’s capital. Its where they seat their government, and its where all their official internal government issues are dealt with.
    I think, this move will NOT be the death knell for Palestinian peace…..
    In fact….I feel it FORCES the Palestinians to negotiate in good faith….something that HASNT been done in the past….
    Like when Israel GAVE the palestianans land WITH greenhouses to grow crops to support their people.
    What did they do?
    Razed the greenhouses and lobbed MORE rockets.
    The world well knows the Palestinians NOR the arab world wants REAL peace…..they are just ACTING like they do so they can get as many concessions from the west as they can, and ride this current wave of anti-Semitism as long as they can. Its painfully obvious.
    I applaud Trumps move.

  9. The biggest problem I have with this is that we got nothing for it. We’re being isolated by the world community in exchange for what? NOTHING. This is not what a good business deal looks like. If we’re going to follow an America First transactional foreign policy, then let’s do that and get something for our trouble.

  10. What’s your definition of “respect”? Traditional allies around the world are openly MOCKING Trump and nobody seems to be cowering in fear of him. I don’t know if they respected Obama or not, but they’ve been making it abundantly clear that they have no respect for Trump.

  11. You’re working on the assumption that things can’t get worse than the status quo. But it can get MUCH worse if handled badly. Sometimes the status quo, imperfect as it is, is as good as it gets. Tipping over the apple cart because you think you can stack the apples better by starting from scratch is not only a fool’s errand – it’s a dangerous foreign policy that backfire big time.

  12. Name one country in history who achieved success through hard power politics against the entire world. As the US isolates itself, other countries are banding together to counter us. Even the United States isn’t strong enough to stand against the entirety of the world community. Ask North Korea how isolation is working out for them.

  13. Couldn’t have said it better. “Foreign Policy, kindergarten style.” If my 5 year old behaved like Trump I would spank him.

  14. The UN is a useless organization that we should stop supporting. Nothing but fraud and waste and anti-US and anti-Israel bias. Pull the plug on foreign aid to every country who voted against us. President Trump does what he says he will do, The last 5 presidents who promised to do the same thing didn’t have the guts.

  15. Where on earth are you getting your crazy ideas ?

  16. Obama is the only one that got no respect !

  17. Trump is an ass, but this is one instance where he exercised the right of ANY nation. The UN has transformed from being united to pit bulls fighting, surrounded by a rabid, screaming crowd. It is time to withdraw from the UN and demand that they remove THEIR capitol from NYC. Perhaps Germany would provide space; After all, it was their actions that led to the formation of both the LON and the UN.

    I am NOT an isolationist, but groups like NATO make more sense to me. It is a matter of the carrot and the stick: You give the carrot to your friends, use the stick against your enemies, and may the best nation win…..

  18. TRUMP should demand a recount. I bet some NATIONS voted illegally. He should call for a congressional hearing for these lopsided vote. It’s just unbelievable that he lost BIGLY. Blut I think you’re right when you said,”USA is a laughingstock of the world”. You really probed it that it is. No respect to AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

  19. Thanks that gave me a chuckle!

  20. “President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is widely considered to have upended decades of American foreign policy”

    Very true, though… is there an implication of an American foreign policy accomplishment in there? Status quo doesn’t seem to be so great, but is that considered a success? A rather low bar if so, and honestly can be argued that tensions in the area are continuing to build while the status quo approach has no ability to release that pressure.

    A “Faux Peace” until, the pot explodes.

  21. No intent to sway vote, but to cause a public identification of those countries who took a public position against the sovereign rights of a nation. This was also a message to those countries that you WILL be identified, so consider your vote carefully and know there will be repercussions.

    Just a tool for leveraging power later on. Not that big a deal really.

  22. The absurd thing about this is that the UN has stood by for two decades watching the US attack, invade, and overthrow countries without much complaint and now they are making a big deal about something which has little or no real effect on anyone. We have no control over where Israel puts their capital and the UN seems to have no influence over anything.

  23. AND support Trump and MAHA

  24. Who in their right mind thought that threats could sway the vote?Oh never mind it was the “deal maker” and his minions.

  25. Great news everyone: after the UN vote today the Pentagon can rest easy. If the US goes to war with North Korea they know they will get 5 for the best war canoes Togo has to offer. MAGA!

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