Beat’em Up Classic Streets Of Rage Now Available On Android And iOS

Beat’em Up Classic Streets Of Rage Now Available On Android And iOS
Image Source: Google Play Store / SEGA (screenshot)

You can now relive the classic gaming experiences of 1991 right on your smartphone. The SEGA Forever collection consists of tons of classic games for mobile devices. Previous titles in the collection included Beyond Oasis, Golden Axe, and Virtua Tennis Challenge. SEGA has now expanded the collection with the addition of the beat’em up classic Streets of Rage.

Where to download the Streets of Rage?

You wouldn’t want to miss the new mobile game if you loved the original 1991 version. Even if you are too young to have enjoyed the first installment, the game has tons of goodies for you.

SEGA said in a press release that you can play the game for free if you don’t mind a few ads. If you want the ad-free classic experience, you’ll have to shell out $1.99. The Streets of Rage is a local, cross-platform, multiplayer game. Similar to the original one, the mobile version allows you to play against your friends over WiFi. It is the first SEGA Forever title to offer multiplayer support.

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You can download the game right now from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store for free. Folks at SEGA have put together a short trailer with informative popups for the classic brawler. The first installment of the Streets of Rage was developed by SEGA’s AM7 division, and was released in 1991 for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. It went on to become a popular trilogy.

The mobile version retains the retro feel of the original title, and comes with haptic and controller support, leaderboards, and cloud saves. The game also features the wildly popular original soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro, said SEGA. The Streets of Rage introduces three main characters – Adam Hunter, Axel Stone, and Blaze Fielding. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

All the three main characters are former police officers, and they are pitted against the wicked mastermind Mr X. Since it’s a multiplayer game, you and your friends can choose from the three main characters as they battle across the city to hunt down Mr X. Similar to other classic games of its time, the Streets of Rage allows you to move ahead through the levels in a side-scrolling manner. Players can also move up and down to escape the enemies. As a player, your objective is to beat the bad guys.

Though SEGA did not mention it in their press release, the Streets of Rage could just be the beginning of the legacy game’s journey on mobile. We wouldn’t be surprised if the developer releases the second and third installments of the game in the coming months. For now, they want to see how the Streets of Rage is received by gamers.

The game also has a nice background story that you can look into if you want. But not many players would be interested in the background story because the Streets of Rage is all about raw brawling action and some killer combos.

SEGA also plans to add the cross-platform, local, multiplayer support to other titles in the SEGA Forever collection including the Golden Axe and Altered Beast in the coming weeks.

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