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Richard Thaler Nobel Speech – “Our research has greatly changed pensions systems all around the world”

Richard H. Thaler describes in a video interview titled “Our research has greatly changed pensions systems all around the world.” some of the impacts of his work on behavioural economics in this telephone interview recorded immediately after the public announcement of the award of his Prize in Economic Sciences. He also explains the concept of the ‘nudge’, and looks forward to being in Stockholm again with his old friend Daniel Kahneman, Laureate in Economic Sciences from 2002. Listen to the full interview!

Nobel Prize
Streamed live 5 hours ago
Join us live from The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences: “Integrating economics with psychology”
Richard H. Thaler, University of Chicago, IL, USA

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2017 was awarded to Richard H. Thaler “for his contributions to behavioural economics”.

Nobel Prize
Published on Dec 8, 2017
“From Cashews to Nudges: The Evolution of Behavioral Economics”

Richard H. Thaler delivered his Prize Lecture on 8 December 2017 at the Aula Magna, Stockholm University.

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