Reversible Emojis Possibly Coming To Apple’s New iPhone

Reversible Emojis Possibly Coming To Apple’s New iPhone
Image source: Apple Inc (Screenshot)

Apple could offer users a reversible emojis option for next year if the Unicode Consortium’s new proposed guidelines are passed, according to MacRumors. The draft proposal should be finalized next year after which Apple and other vendors would start offering the new batch of over 100 new emojis.

Reversible emojis – when to expect them

The ability to change the direction of the emojis has been demanded by emoji lovers for a long time. Reversing emojis means the icons such as a car or a train that currently face to the right or left only, will face in either direction.

According to Jeremy Burge, editor of Emojipedia, “If vendors show support for these sequences, we might finally be able to have the train face left-right, or the runner, or the gun.”

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Reversible emojis could arrive somewhere in 2018, and would be available for smartphone makers in September. So, it could take a while before these new emojis reach your handsets as it depends on the individual company when it wants to introduce it in an update.

The timeline, however, suggests that iPhones and iPads would have reversible emoji in iOS 12 or iOS 12.1. Burge told Mashable that reversing emojis are in an early stage right now.

“Unicode have chosen a way to handle emoji directions but no specific emojis have been called out to support this,” Burger said.

Emoji 11 beta – what’s new?

Unicode Consortium also released new emojis for the second half of 2018 such as a swan, badger, pirate flag, and infinity, said Burge. However, the “Frowning Pile Of Poo” and two other faces failed to secure a place in the next batch.

The Unicode Consortium also released the Emoji 11 beta for developers with 130 new emojis such as a female superhero, lobster and so on. The changes in the beta version also include superhero and supervillain smiley faces in human-form emojis. The next batch would also have ginger hair emojis, as well as cupcake, softball and kangaroo icons.

Variations of single expression emojis have also been added, giving Superhero and Supervillain emojis gender options, skin tone options for leg and foot and 48 new sequences for the man and woman with varied skin, hairstyle and so on.

Google fixes burger emoji

It is also to be seen if all the new emojis get approval from the emoji aficionados, who do not tolerate anything inaccurate when it comes to emojis. Just a few days back, Google updated its burger emoji after there was a disagreement on the placement of the cheese in the burger.

In its burger emoji, Google initially placed the cheese at the bottom. Emoji lovers were quick to notice it, and asked Google to rectify the mistake. Google CEO Sundar Pichai assured emoji lovers that the team would fix the burger soon. Finally, the search giant fixed the burger in Android 8.1, making it similar to the burger emojis used in the iOS and Windows phone.

Separately, in its Oreo update, Google has redesigned their yellow blob emojis. Further, Android users get 56 new characters in the Android Oreo. Google is also working to address broken emoji issues. Once fixed, users would also be able to send updated emoji using the older version of Android.

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