PUBG To Hit 60 FPS On Xbox One X, But Only 30 On Standard Xbox One

PUBG To Hit 60 FPS On Xbox One X, But Only 30 On Standard Xbox One
Image Source: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS/YouTube (screenshot)

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, will arrive on the Xbox One soon. Before revealing more information about the game, creator Brendan Greene, in an interview with GamesTM (via WCCFTech), said that the game will hit 60 FPS on the Xbox One X.

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Aiming for same experience on all consoles

Talking of the standard Xbox One, Greene said he is not very sure and “we may have to limit it at 30 FPS, maybe, but the last time I saw it, it was running at about 30 to 40.”

However, Greene noted that the developer Bluehole is enhancing the game before launch, so that it can reach 60 FPS on both the standard Xbox One and the Xbox One X.

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One reason why the PlayerUnknown Battleground is being launched through preview is that the makers want the developers to have firsthand experience and come up with improvements if any, Greene said, adding he has “great faith” that PUBG will be able to achieve 60 FPS on both.

While the PCs are engineered to handle the performance of the titles with higher rates, consoles struggle to achieve the same, but the Xbox One X will be different. Frame rates have taken center stage nowadays when any new title is about to get released on the gaming consoles.

Greene, however, noted that the frame rate is not very important.

“The great thing about Battlegrounds is that it’s not…unlike the higher paced shooters, frame rate isn’t that important,” Greene said, adding, “Yes, it is important, but it’s not as important for us as it is in a twitch shooter.”

Greene also mentioned about the 4K textures for the PC, as well as, the Xbox One X stating that they have plans for the 4K textures, but it would take some time.

PlayerUnknown Battleground – why exclusive to Microsoft?

Talking about releasing the game on Microsoft’s console, Greene said, “Xbox is synonymous with gaming; you know what I mean? And there’s a huge player base out there that prefer to play on console, so bringing it to the Xbox One systems is just great.”

Further, Greene stated that the team at present is striving for a better game rather than numbers. He stated that numbers are important from the server point of view, but right now, the goal is to have a good game.

PUBG, the popular shooter game is one of the most exciting games to arrive in 2017, and will launch on the Xbox One on Dec. 12. Microsoft is promoting the game as a “console launch exclusive” for Xbox. This means a PS4 release would come sometime later. However, given the popularity of the game, Microsoft would surely be making efforts to maintain its exclusivity as long as possible.

In separate news, PlayerUnknown Battleground is set to offer a new map to the players, who currently have just one map to play on. Geoff Keighley, the producer of the Game Awards, has confirmed that the fans will witness the first look at the new map during the event.

“Don’t miss the first-ever gameplay of the new desert map from Battlegrounds live during The Game Awards on Thursday, December 7,” Keighley said in a message, according to The Express.

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