Is Apple Really Developing An Augmented Reality iPhone?

Is Apple Really Developing An Augmented Reality iPhone?

A recently filed patent suggests that Apple is developing an augmented reality iPhone.

Augmented Reality iPhone

With the recent release of the iPhone X, Apple has impressed a market that had largely grown tired of increasingly iterative smartphones. With a new innovated Face ID technology, the iPhone X offered something that no other manufacturer had – and this tech paid off majorly for the California-based tech company. With tens of millions of iPhone X shipping already, with many more expected through 2018, Apple has seen that new technology is a winner in the eyes of their customers.

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A recently filed patent for a “window” at the top of a handset has many people wondering whether we may soon see an augmented reality iPhone.

Reports seem to show that the transparent window will allow users to see the world around them through the top of their phone – perhaps overlaying contextual information or fun features into the world around them.

The filing elaborates on what we may see from an augmented reality iPhone, stating that the technology is “a perspective view of an illustrative electronic device having a transparent window region of the type that may be formed from an opening or openings in a display’, according to the filing…The window may be formed by creating transparent window regions in the front and rear surfaces of the device.”

Technology Of The Future

The implications of an augmented reality iPhone are immense. Outside of useful information that interfaces with the world around us, the potential for cool apps and games is immense. Imagine seeing video game characters projected in the real world rather than constrained to a few inches of screen space. It’s a pretty cool thought.

While you can already view the world around you through the iPhone camera, a transparent lens at the top of the phone would offer a wider and more realistic view with the potential for an augmented reality iPhone.

The potential for an augmented reality iPhone is a real possibility, considering this recently filed patent alongside a statement from Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this year that augmented reality is “big and profound.”

Apple has seen huge success since the appointment of Tim Cook as CEO, with stock prices more than doubling as smart business decisions continue to increase Apple’s cash reserves. As one of the biggest companies worldwide, they definitely have the resources to continue to innovate. With the recent Face ID technology taking the world by storm, could we soon see Apple continue their domination with an augmented reality iPhone?

It’s important to take into account that a patent filing is far from a confirmation that the technology will make it to market. Rather, it’s simply a legal protection for research that is currently in progress. However, it’s clear that Apple has made some serious progress into the idea of an augmented reality iPhone, and the company could really stand to continue their success into the next few years with a groundbreaking feature that sets it apart from other upcoming flagships.

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