Online Apple Store Offers iPhone X One Day Delivery

Online Apple Store Offers iPhone X One Day Delivery
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The US online Apple Store now offers iPhone X one day delivery.

iPhone X One Day Delivery

The recent release of the iPhone X has taken the world by storm. The innovative Face ID technology has offered a new innovation to a smartphone market with products that have become largely iterative, and customers are taking note. Sales of the new phone have led to a product shortage, making it difficult for many people to get their hands on Apple’s latest flagship in a reasonable amount of time. Fortunately, it seems as if Apple has finally caught up to the demand, as the US online Apple Store now offers iPhone X one day delivery.

A combination of incredible popularity and some unanticipated production difficulties have made it difficult for Apple to keep up with the demand for the iPhone X, and eBay scalpers continue to offer the phone at highly inflated prices due to the lack of available stock. It looks as if that should be a non-issue moving forward, however, as you can order an iPhone X today and have it in your hands tomorrow.

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Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the AirPods. Since the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple’s flagships have ditched the 3.5 mm headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth technology. The AirPods are Apple’s take on the Bluetooth headphone, and demand has outstripped supply as we move into the holiday season. These wireless earbuds will remain out of stock through the end of the year, which is unfortunate news for those of us looking for the perfect gift for the Apple fan in our lives.

The US online Apple Store offers next day delivery of the iPhone X, but you also should be able to go into a store in person if you’d rather not wait for delivery. Availability in-store will vary, but the stock is much more plentiful than it was in the first month of the phone’s release. Of course, the Apple Store isn’t the only place to get the phone. Online retailers like Amazon as well as technology retailers like Best Buy should also have a good amount of the phones available for purchase.

The Phone To Beat

Analysts had predicted that the shipping times would get faster and faster as the initial wave of orders passed by, and it looks as if their predictions were correct. 9to5Mac reports that Apple will sell over 83 million iPhones in the holiday quarter, soaring past its previous record of 78 million phones. The combination of higher sales and higher phone pricing should ensure that Apple’s revenue is extremely healthy moving into the coming year. Currently, the iPhone X is the phone to beat. If competitors like Samsung and Google hope to compete with Apple’s flagship, they’ve got some serious catching up to do. Apple’s innovation with FaceID in tandem with an iPhone X one day delivery could certainly spell trouble for Android manufacturers over the holidays. While there are rumors that developers have technology like foldable phones and wraparound displays in the works, the truth remains that Apple currently has the upper hand.

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