New Information Confirms Huawei P11 Launch Date

New Information Confirms Huawei P11 Launch Date
Image source: Evan Blass/Twitter

New information suggests we’ll likely see a Huawei P11 launch date of sometime in Q1 2018.

Huawei P11 Launch Date

While there’s currently not much known about the Huawei P11, as it hasn’t been announced, representatives at an event in Germany confirmed that the company’s newest flagship will be revealed in Q1 2018. This Huawei P11 launch date would make sense, considering the Huawei P10 announcement back in February of this year and the subsequent launch just a month later.

While Huawei has thus far struggled to break into the western market, their phones are incredibly popular in their home country of China. The company clearly has plans to expand their reach outward, however, with recent flagships competing with the best of the best from the likes of Samsung and LG — and often at a lower price. A Huawei P11 launch date sometime in February would hopefully put the company in a good position to get their phone in the hands of consumers before the latest and greatest from their major competitors. There are not currently many solidified release dates for the upcoming generation of phones, but the earlier Huawei is able to launch their phone in 2018, the better.

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Huawei P11: What We Know

In addition to this new information that seems to confirm a Q1 2018 Huawei P11 launch date, we do have some reliable rumors on the design and specifications of the upcoming phone. It’s important to keep in mind that these rumors aren’t necessarily confirmed information, but considering the reliability and track record of leakers such as Evan Blass, it’s seeming pretty likely that these specifications will make it to the end device.

The Huawei P11 may ship with a triple-lens, 40 MP rear camera with a 5x hybrid zoom, as well as a 24 MP front camera, which is the biggest takeaway from the specifications we know so far. Many are concerned about whether the 40 MP camera will actually be a noticeable improvement over lower megapixel cameras. It’s worth mentioning that more isn’t always better when it comes to this specification, as these lenses tend to perform poorly in low-light situations. The triple-lens setup is also something we haven’t seen before in a smartphone, so it will be interesting to see how it’s implemented.

As far as design goes, XDA Developers has come across some information that suggests the design — like many current and upcoming phones — will feature a nearly bezel-less design. It also seems that there will be a “notch” at the type of phone that may house the camera. This is an interesting choice, as it seems like it will detract from the aesthetic of a front panel nearly entirely made up of display.

AndroidHeadlines reports that the phone may ship with the newest Kirin 970 chipset, which is currently present in both the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. This would make sense, considering that Huawei usually debuts new tech in Mate lines before bringing it over to P models. 8 GB of RAM is also expected to be included, which is a pretty major source of power.

These specs are still up in the air and mostly haven’t been confirmed, but as far as release dates go, Q1 2018 for a Huawei P11 launch date is looking pretty reliable.

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