New Discovery Reveals Nokia 9 Dual Selfie Camera


While rumors about the Nokia 9 have been making the rounds across the web, there aren’t a ton of specifics about the hotly anticipated device. However, what we do know seems to suggest it will be a powerhouse of a phone. In fact, a lot of the specifications the phone offers may be a little overkill or unneeded by the average user. The Nokia 8 will likely remain the more accessible flagship, but for the power user, you can’t do much better than the Nokia 9.


Nokia 9 Dual Selfie Camera

As far as what we know so far about the device, it will likely be powered by the Snapdragon 835. While that’s a current generation chip that will be a good amount slower than the upcoming Snapdragon 845, there’s another feature that’s worth getting excited about: a unique Nokia 9 dual selfie camera.

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While many phones have previously included a two lens setup for the main rear camera, this is one of the first models we’ve seen that is taking a double camera setup to the front of the phone. It seems in recent years that the balance of photos is shifting more towards selfies, so a Nokia 9 dual selfie camera is a worthwhile inclusion that may make it an attractive buy for the Instagram-obsessed among us.

The Nokia 9 dual selfie camera was discovered by fans who were snooping through the Orea beta’s .apk files, and adds another exciting piece of information to the sparse collection of knowledge we have regarding the upcoming phone.

Included below is a first look at a leaked (allegedly) official render of the Nokia 9. As expected, the render confirms a dual selfie camera setup. It would make sense that the two lenses on the front are normal and wide-angle with the back having normal and telephoto lenses, but there’s obviously no official information regarding that at this point in time.

In terms of additional information about the Nokia 9, it’s likely that we’ll see the phone continue to embrace the 18:9 display ratio. If the renders are any indication, we’ll also see the bezels continue to shrink, as with most luxury flagships.

Nokia 9 Release Date

There’s no telling when exactly we’ll see a Nokia 9 launch date, but we’ll likely see the phone sometime near the end of January during a reveal alongside the second generation Nokia 8.

As we get closer to the launch, we’ll probably see more leaks regarding the Nokia 9. From what we know thus far, it’s shaping up to a be a serious competitor in the high-end smartphone scene. It’s intended to appeal to a different niche than the second generation Nokia 8, but it remains to be seen whether launching two different flagships at the same time will be a positive or negative business decision. For companies like Apple, launching multiple phones at the same time has paid off. For a smaller company like Nokia, however, there’s a possibility that two releases so close to each other may cause them to cannibalize each other’s sales.

Regardless, it’s no doubt a positive move for the consumer, with two different upcoming flagships that both have something unique to offer.