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What Is Money, How It Works | Educational Film | 1947

This 1947 video – originally titled as “What Is Money” – is a classic educational film produced by Coronet Instructional Films. Following the journey of a five-dollar bill through many transactions, the film shows how money functions as a standard of value and future payment, a storehouse of value and a convenient medium of exchange for goods or services in the days when the United States was still on the Gold Standard. Though it is a little hokey and some of the practices in it are out of date, this film is very informative on how money works since the definitions of money it gives are still valid today. It could be shown in an economics class without hesitation. The film also subtly extols the virtues of capitalism. Coronet Films (also Coronet Instructional Films.) was a leading producer and distributor of many American documentary shorts shown in public schools from the 1940s through the 1980s. The company covered a wide range of subjects in zoology, science, geography, history and math, but is mostly remembered today for its post-World War 2 social guidance films featuring topics such as dating, family life, courtesy and citizenship. What Is Money, How It Works | Educational Film | 1947

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