This Explains Man’s Fatal Attraction To Communism

“Dan hears the screaming, rushes in, wrestles Alex into the bathtub, and seemingly drowns her. She suddenly emerges from the water, swinging the knife.” (Wikipedia summary of the 1987 movie, Fatal Attraction)


Favorable views of capitalism were 47% among Gen-Z; 42% among Millennials; and 45% among Generation X.

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Marxism is like Alex in the movie Fatal Attraction. We thought it was dead as an ideology, but it keeps returning, swinging its hammer and sickle.

Bernie Sanders ran as a socialist and got much of the Democratic vote. A 2016 Harvard Youth Poll found that 51 percent of millennials rejected capitalism. A 2016 poll by YouGov found that favorable views of capitalism were 47 percent among Generation Z; 42 percent among Millennials; and 45 percent among Generation X.

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, the center of American capitalism, has recently complained that “private property rights” limit his ability to plan for New York. Yet he has just won a second term.

In the United Kingdom, the Labor Party’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, quoted from Mao Zedong on the floor of the House of Commons in 2015. He said, “To assist [Conservative Chancellor] comrade Osborne about dealing with his newfound comrades, I have brought him along Mao’s Little Red Book.”

Try. Fail. Repeat.

Communism’s failures are legion and well known. In the 20th century, Communist regimes killed about 100 million people: 20 million in Russia, 65 million in China, and the rest from a miscellany of countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea and others. North Korea is a failed country; South Korea is rich and prosperous. Similarly, East Germany was poor, and West Germany highly economically successful. Cuba is still poor. China’s economy has been growing as the Marxist influence has declined.

For those born after 1985, this is all ancient history.

But young people do not know this or ignore it. After all, the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991. For those born after about 1985, this is all ancient history. North Korea remains a failure, but that is nothing new if it is even known. The Cold War is before millennials’ time, and the fall of the Wall is something in a history book.

Of course, Venezuela is an ongoing disaster. People are starving, and even eating zoo animals. Professional women and young girls are turning to prostitution to make enough money to eat. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving for Colombia or other countries, and the country has become a dictatorship.

But Bernie Sanders’ supporters may not know this, or may not know that it is the predictable result of the “socialism” that he advocates. And of course, the press does not generally indicate that the disaster is due to communism.