Jonathan Levin Releases QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit

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In the past few weeks, we’ve seen great strides towards an iOS jailbreak. After a security exploit discovered by Ian Beer of Google’s Project Zero, there has been an incredible amount of progress on a jailbreak for the modern iOS operating system. Following the recent release of LiberiOS and LiberTV jailbreaks for both iOS 11.1.x and tvOS 11.1, Jonathan Levin has now launched the QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit.

QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit

Levin offered a description of the QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit for the uninitiated, saying that “QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit is a simple code base, which standardizes all the common tasks required for jailbreaking.”

QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit also powered the recent release of LIberiOS for 64-bit devices running operating systems from iOS 11.0-11.1.2, and the included features should assist developers while accomplishing the rather daunting task of developing jailbreak utilities for iOS. The QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit gives users the tools to build “whatever UI/customization/tweaking/modding of the jailbreak” they require. While there are a number of jailbreak solutions currently in progress, part of the appeal of an iOS jailbreak is greater customizability. Enterprising users who want to take a crack at modifying existing jailbreak software should now have the tools they need with this release of QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit.

“The QiLin Jailbreak ToolKit is a simple code base, which standardizes all the common tasks required for jailbreaking – from breaking out of the sandbox and assuming root capabilities, remounting the root file system, unpacking binaries, and more – in a way that is stable, safe, and reduces the amount of code to about 10 lines. It is aimed at researchers and jailbreak enthusiasts, who wish to learn more about the intricacies of kernel tinkering without being bogged down by the nooks and crannies of setting up a stable work environment.

In other words, the toolkit handles the complicated tasks, and you can build whatever UI/customization/tweaking/modding of the jailbreak you want.”

Release and Download

As the jailbreaking community is largely collaborative, Levin plans to open source the QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit as soon as he’s ironed out the few remaining bugs and made sure that the utility won’t break under pressure.

If you’re a developer, researcher, or ambitious jailbreaking enthusiast, you can now download the QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit from Levin’s website and start using it in your own project. It’s important to keep in mind that QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit isn’t a jailbreak in and of itself, rather it gives developers the tools they need to make the process easier and smoother.

The release of the QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit is just the most recent announcement in a rapid succession of jailbreak breakthroughs. With h3lix jailbreak by tihmstar as well as the LiberiOS and LiberTV jailbreaks by Levin discussed above, it’s clear that the QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit is just another step on the path towards an open and less restrictive iOS environment.

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