Jack Ma: Starting Alibaba And Helping Small Businesses

An interview with billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma. In this interview Jack discusses how he built Alibaba and not giving up when no one believed in him. Jack also talks about his plans for globalization and competing with American companies.

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 0:36 Coming to America 1:41 Starting a business 2:09 First 3 years life was bad 3:15 Selling online 4:10 Alibaba 5:00 Helping small businesses 6:03 Surviving 7:39 Difference from Amazon 8:45 Creating jobs 10:02 Infrastructure 11:18 Competing in America 15:53 Changing China Jack Ma Books ??? (affiliate link) Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built: Jack Ma’s Favourite Books? Tao Te Ching: Interview Date: 9th June, 2015 Event: The Economic Club Of New York Original Image Source:

Jack Ma: Starting Alibaba And Helping Small Businesses

Jack Ma
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot