iPhone X Rainbrow Game Takes Advantage Of FaceID Technology

iPhone X Rainbrow Game Takes Advantage Of FaceID Technology
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The new iPhone X Rainbrow game uses FaceID technology for a unique gameplay experience.

Rainbrow Game

The iPhone X has taken the luxury smartphone market by storm with its unique FaceID technology. Being able to unlock your phone by just looking at it is an incredible convenience despite a few minor drawbacks, and this unique feature has driven sales that are set to make this holiday season one of the best ever for Apple’s iPhones. However, it seems as if the facial control feature may stand to be used for more than simply unlocking the phone. The Rainbrow game takes advantage of the FaceID technology to deliver an interesting gaming experience that you control entirely using your eyebrows.

Rainbrow is the brainchild of Washington University computer science graduate Nathan Gitter. Using the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera and ARKit augmented reality program, the Rainbrow game delivers a unique take on the classic arcade experience. The game plays similarly to Frogger, using your eyebrows to control a smiley as it dodges other emoji on a trip across a rainbow flag.

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The game is entirely controlled using your face. You raise your eyebrows to move the smiley up, frown to move down, and remain expressionless to stay in the same spot. While many apps have updated to account for the iPhone X’s new notch, none have thus far taken advantage of the flagship’s new camera and ARKit augmented reality in quite the same way as the Rainbrow game. The technology behind the app is impressive, and while it may seem like a passing fad, we’ll likely see more games taking advantage of iPhone X FaceID capabilities in the near future.

In an interview with MacRumors, Gitter stated that he plans to integrate Apple’s Game Center and add multiplayer functionality as soon as possible.

iPhone X Security Concerns

While the iPhone X FaceID technology is no doubt convenient, there have also been concerns raised about potential security issues behind the new technology. There have been reports that Apple is sharing data collected by the camera with developers, which opens up personal information for sale to third parties. While Apple’s policies are strongly against this type of data sharing and the company claims that even they can’t access your info due to its storage in an encrypted area of the phone, any sort of technology that has the capability for constant recording always has at least a few people skeptical of motivations.

Fortunately, Gitter has assured users that Rainbrow only uses TrueDepth data for gameplay purposes. Provided that’s true, it should be safe to download the game and give it a try. While the game is only really playable on the iPhone X, its unique design and the fact that it’s the first of its kind to implement the FaceID technology in such an enjoyable way should ensure a large number of downloads. Gimmick or not, there’s no doubt about it: the Rainbrow game is some serious fun that shows off the capabilities of the iPhone X’s innovative new tech.

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