iOS 12 Release Date And Features: What To Expect

iOS 12 Release Date And Features: What To Expect
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With the iOS 12 release date likely coming sooner rather than later, the web is abuzz with rumors about what exactly we could see with this upcoming update. iOS 11 was pretty fully-featured, with a brand new control center, a serious upgrade to Siri, and drag and drop functionality on the iPad. As major update rather than a smaller patch, it’s clear that the iOS 12 release date will usher in at least a few convenient features. While it’s impossible to know what will come before an announcement, we have some ideas of some potential new additions based on the company’s recent actions.

With no confirmed iOS 12 release date, it’s not possible to say for sure when the new update will launch. However, it’s likely that the new update will come in September of 2018. It would make sense given their previous release schedule, and it’s likely we’ll see a preview ahead of the iOS 12 release date at the WWDC in June. A public beta will probably precede the launch, just as with previous iOS launches.

As a major tech company producing some of the most popular electronics worldwide, Apple’s actions are always in the spotlight. Based on a variety of factors including business acquisitions and patent filings, it’s possible to make some educated guesses regarding what we could see added to the phone after the iOS 12 release date.

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Perhaps the most reasonable expectation of iOS 12 is improvements in music recognition. Siri has already had the capability to recognize music, but it’s admittedly pretty lacking. With Apple’s acquisition of Shazam in early December, it’s possible that the beloved music recognition app will have its technology used as an improvement for Siri. With Apple’s history of intense competition, it’s possible that we may see the previously platform-agnostic Shazam updated, or even gutted, as a tool exclusively for Apple. It’s clear that the main draw behind Shazam was the underlying technology, so expecting the functionality included in iOS 12 is a pretty safe bet.

Other than the information regarding music recognition technology and general iOS UI updates, we’re not really sure what new goodies will accompany the iOS 12 release date. Some rumors suggest an iOS dark mode as well as the potential for iPad profiles, but there’s very little evidence behind those whisperings.

Just from looking at patent information, it’s clear that there’s a variety of technology that Apple is working on. Potential features include the ability for Siri to both detect and respond in quieter tones, an iPhone panic button that lets users covertly signal for help, and unique technology that allows your device to figure out your sleep ritual and adjust alarms accordingly.

While patents are simply a legal exercise to protect an idea and none of these features may come to fruition, they’re clearly solid ideas that we may see implemented with the upcoming iOS 12 release.

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