Keys To Investment Success With Dennis Stattman, Co-Founder Blackrock Global Allocation Fund

Keys To Investment Success With Dennis Stattman, Co-Founder Blackrock Global Allocation Fund
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Great investor Dennis Stattman recently retired from running the award-winning BlackRock Global Allocation Fund after launching it nearly 30 years ago. He’ll share his investment lessons learned and how to apply them now.

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Thirty years ago, investing globally was not a mainstream Wall Street pursuit. Most American institutional and individual investors were content to search for opportunities in the U.S., by far the world’s largest economy with the biggest and most liquid markets.

That’s when this week’s great investor guest and a business school classmate and friend decided to launch not only a global fund but a global allocation fund that would invest in a wide range of assets including but not limited to stocks, bonds, cash and currencies with a great deal of flexibility about how much to allocate to each. It was an unusual approach which turned into a highly successful and widely emulated product.

This week’s guest is Dennis Stattman, who until August of 2017 was the Senior Portfolio Manager of Blackrock Global Allocation Fund, which he co-founded at Merrill Lynch in 1989, and for most of the last 20 years was its lead portfolio manager. Since its inception this flexible global multi-asset fund has delivered annualized total returns of nearly 10% beating global stock market returns with one-third less volatility. Under Stattman’s leadership it also earned a Gold Analyst Rating from Morningstar for its best of breed strategy, management team, stewardship and culture.

Its value oriented, risk averse, eclectic, global approach also resonated with investors. Assets under management topped $80 billion at one point. We asked Stattman to take us back nearly 30 years.  What’s changed and lessons learned.

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Don’t Throw Out The Baby With The Bathwater

In this case Morningstar’s widely used five- star rating system for mutual funds.

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