IFB38: Financial Reporting And Press Releases Interview With Maj Soueidan

IFB38: Financial Reporting And Press Releases Interview With Maj Soueidan
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Welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast, this is episode 38. I’m Dave Ahern, and we have Andrew Sather here with us tonight. Tonight we’re going to have some, the fun we have a special guest with us tonight. So we’re going to be interviewing Maj and Maj is from Geo Investing.

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  • The differences between minor caps and small caps
  • Defining information arbitrage
  • The advantages of reading press releases
  • How to confirm management statements
  • The importance of footnotes in financial statements, especially subsequent events

That’s the name of his company, and he’s a very very interesting guy, and this is going to be a lot of fun so without any further ado, Maj would you take a moment and tell everybody about you and kind o fwhat you do and who you are where you from and all that kind of fun stuff.

Maj Soueidan: Excellent yeah well thanks guys for having me here. This is an opportunity; I love talking to other investors and learning new things and every day and hopefully be a little bit today from each other.

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So you know Geo Investing was launched in 2007 when our tenth year anniversary geoinvesting.com and you know it’s you know it’s a site that we brought I co-founded with my partner Dan and you know we launched it with the intent to help educate investors about the advantages of investing and smaller capitalized companies. Small caps, minor caps you know and it to help understand how they can get an investing advantage doing that.

And you know in the increasingly competitive environment and you know we’ve been doing that and we it’s been an awesome ride, and we bring our products to our members through morning emails, through model portfolios, through a lot of proprietary research. And you know and our we call our investing call to actions which are what we’re buying and selling.



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