Huawei 40-Megapixel Camera Phone May Have A Notch Like iPhone X

Huawei 40-Megapixel Camera Phone May Have A Notch Like iPhone X
Image source: Evan Blass/Twitter

Many tech-watchers were excited when they heard that the Huawei P11 may have a 40-megapixel rear-facing camera and a triple-lens camera, but here’s something else that may excite some. It sounds like the Huawei 40-megapixel camera phone could bear a key feature of the iPhone X: that notch on the front.

Huawei 40-megapixel camera phone to steal iPhone X feature?

Experts at XDA-Developers report that they found evidence of a possible notch in what they believe to be the Huawei P11. A source told them that the Chinese handset maker is planning to reveal a new phone with a nearly bezel-less design and iPhone X-style notch at the Consumer Electronics Show early next year. They believe the phone in question will be the P11.

Although they have no images of the rumored device, they do have evidence from firmware files, which they retrieved with help from They also walk readers through their reasoning of why the firmware files suggest that the P11, which is believed to be the Huawei 40-megapixel camera phone, might have a notch.

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Interestingly enough, in the iPhone X, that notch has received both praise, in the form of people wanting it on their Android phone, and ridicule among people who just want to get rid of it.

Clue about that notch

XDA-Developers recreated an overlay image that’s referenced in a configuration display as a “RoundCornerDisplay.” Multiple files are related to the file, and the experts said that all the files appear to help with “obscuring parts of the screen to accommodate the display’s unusual configuration.” One of the files even specifically uses the word “notch,” and the writer believes that the assigned values could plot offsets on the left, top, right and bottom that help with moving content on the screen around.

The website’s experts believe that the references in the file are simply part of the company’s own internal testing to mimic the way their software could look on the final version of the phone. It’s unclear how far along the device is in terms of development, but the inclusion of the overlays is a bit odd.

XDA-Developers also said that the phone in question seems to have “an unusual aspect ratio,” based on the firmware. The writer explained that the device the firmware was running on had a 6.01-inch Samsung LCD display. Further, the display seemed to have a resolution of 2160 x 1080, according to one of the configuration files, but the charging images, boot animation and other files point to a resolution of 2244 x 1080. The author believes that the difference is due to the notch.

It certainly is a compelling case for the phone having a notch, although we will just have to watch and wait to see if this is the Huawei 40-megapixel camera phone, the P11, the phone being introduced early next year, or all or even none of the above.

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