New Galaxy Note 9 Concept Image Shows “Notch” In Phone

New Galaxy Note 9 Concept Image Shows “Notch” In Phone
Image source: <a href="">YouTube Video Screenshot</a>

With the Galaxy Note 8 only recently released, the release of the Note 9 is still a decent ways out. However, a launch in the distance doesn’t keep creative designers from giving us their take on what the upcoming Samsung flagship might look like. A recently release Galaxy Note 9 concept image shows an interesting “notch” in the top of the phone.

Galaxy Note 9 Concept Image

The Galaxy Note 9 concept image, like the majority of concept images recently released, is simply an artist’s interpretation of an upcoming phone. The practical application of a third-party Galaxy Note 9 concept image is limited, but with people dreaming about the latest flagship, it’s still fun to imagine what the phone has in store.

The Galaxy Note 8 was incredibly popular and an incredible upgrade after the disaster of the exploding Galaxy Note 7. Samsung truly needed a win, and they’ve outdone themselves with the Note 8. We won’t see the successor until Q3 or Q4 of next year, but the Galaxy Note concept image released by YouTube channel Science and Knowledge seems to show a bit of a departure from the Note 8.

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While much of the phone will be the same, such as the metal and glass construction sported by every Samsung flagship of this year, a small notch at the top of the device is a departure from what we’ve seen this generation. There’s no telling what exactly the Galaxy Note 9 concept image “notch” is for, but it’s an interesting addition after the signature notch in the iPhone X. While we doubt the Note 9 will feature any sort of Face ID – as the company hasn’t confirmed any research on a similar technology – it’s possible that the notch could be necessary for housing some sort of hardware. It’s possible that the design is a stylistic choice as well, but unlikely in our opinion. With the recent trend of a phone that’s pure screen, it would be out of character to move from an edge-to-edge display to a model with a notch for no reason.

As we saw with the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy Note 9 concept image includes a dual camera setup on the back as well as a fingerprint scanner – although this scanner has been relocated to right underneath the lenses. The decision to move fingerprint scanners to the back of the phone was made out of necessity as devices ditch the bezels in favor of a larger screen. There’s some evidence that an in-screen scanner is in development, but it’s possible we may have to wait another generation to see it implemented across Samsung’s flagships.

The back of the phone is curved, as with many Samsung flagships, and the company logo is imprinted there as well. The phone’s power and lock key are on the right side of the phone, as well as the volume up and down keys and the button to summon Samsung’s virtual assistant – Bixby.

Galaxy Note 9 Specifications

The Galaxy Note 9 concept image was also accompanied with some supposed specs. The phone may be IP68 certified, ensuring adequate water and dust resistance. The screen will be a 6.4-inch QHD+ Infinite X Notch display with a 2960 x 1440 resolution. That new name is completely made up and isn’t based off of any knowledge, but it’s certainly creative and sounds fancy. The phone will pack some serious power, with either 6 GB or 8 GG of RAM, as well as 64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB of expandable store.

As far as the processor goes, the Galaxy Note 9 concept image includes either a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 – depending on your model – which should provide blazing fast speeds for the upcoming flagship.

While neither the design of specifications are in any way confirmed (and are likely to be pretty inaccurate) this Galaxy Note 9 concept image is yet another one to add to the pile of creative renderings of the hotly anticipated flagship.

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