Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X: Which Phone Is Worth Its Price?

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X: Which Phone Is Worth Its Price?
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With 2017 drawing to a close, Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X has been one of the defining smartphone battles of the year. But which of the two devices provides the ultimate phablet experience? Here ValueWalk compares the two, and considers which of the two devices is ultimately worth the hefty outlay required.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X – Design

The Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X battle begins with the design of the two devices, and over the years Samsung has closed the gap on Apple in this department. But the iPhone X has had a particularly positive reception since it arrived on the market, thanks to the wraparound display and stylish design that Apple included in the smartphone, meaning that it possibly has a slight edge over the Galaxy Note 8 here, particularly thanks to be kudos of the Apple branding.

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Ultimately, though, there is little to choose between the two, and both smartphones have attempted to deliver something sleek and memorable for their rather steep price tags.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X – Display

The next area of comparison in the Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X war is the display included in the two devices. This was one area in which Samsung had enjoyed a significant advantage over Apple thanks to its OLED panels. But with Apple abandoning OLED in the iPhone X, this obviously resulted in better performance that can reasonably be compare to the Galaxy Note 8.

Nonetheless, the lesser resolution of the iPhone X obviously counts against it when compared to the 2,960 x 1,440 pixel screen of the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung packs in more pixels per inch with its particular display, meaning that it should outperform the iPhone X.

However, the color reproduction of the Apple screen is outstanding, and some authoritative sources have actually rated the iPhone X screen as being superior to the Galaxy Note 8 display. The ability of the iPhone X to maintain brightness from a variety of angles is also extremely welcome, and overall it hands the iPhone X a slight edge over the Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X – Cameras

Another key aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X comparison is camera technology, with the photographic capabilities of smartphones becoming ever more important. Apple was acclaimed for including dual-cameras in its 2016 smartphones, forcing Samsung to follow suit with the recent Galaxy Note 8 release.

This Samsung snapper has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with an f/1.7 aperture accompanied by a 12-MP telephoto lens with an f/2.4 aperture, making it the most powerful camera that Samsung has ever included in a smartphone. The dual view feature is also particularly pleasing, enabling simultaneous close-up and wide-angle shots to be captured.

Optical image stabilization also impresses in the Galaxy Note 8, and overall this is one of the most impressive smartphone cameras that has ever been released.

However, the iPhone X more than matches the Galaxy Note 8, even though one or two of its specifications are marginally inferior to its Samsung rival. Apple’s new phone also has a pair of 12-MP lenses, one with an f/1.8 aperture, the other with an f/2.4 aperture, but the image quality produced by its camera is simply outstanding.

Testing has indicated that the iPhone X snapper outperforms the Galaxy Note 8 in the majority of modes, with only portrait capturing tending to be superior in the Galaxy Note 8. This is certainly a major feather in the cap of the Apple smartphone.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X – Battery Life

This is one area of the Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X war that one would expect to be won by Samsung. Apple devices have been notorious for their rather paltry battery life, and the iPhone X is no exception to this rule. Nonetheless, the manufacturer has certainly improved the situation over previous smartphone releases, with both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X capable of outlasting the average smartphone in battery testing.

Nonetheless, the performance of the Galaxy Note 8 is clearly superior in this department. In fact, the battery life offered by the Galaxy Note 8 is among the most impressive in the history of modern smartphones, and approximately 10 percent more than that delivered by the iPhone X. Although Apple has done a decent job of closing the gap on Samsung, there is still a significant gulf between the two devices.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X – Special Features

Another key aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X comparison is the special features included in the two devices, and these center around the S Pen stylus and Bixby artificial intelligence assistant in the Galaxy Note 8. Certainly the S Pen is particularly useful, while the Bixby AI assistant has improved in quality.

Apple’s smartphone has more special features, though, with Face ID providing a superior security system, and Siri being a better AI assistant. However, the inclusion of the S Pen in the Galaxy Note 8 means that it possibly has the edge over the iPhone X here, simply by making the phablet a more flexible performer.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X – Price

Pricing was always going to be a key aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X comparison, and the fact that the Galaxy Note 8 is slightly more affordable is undoubtedly a plus point for the Samsung unit. The extra $50 that that the iPhone X costs at a recommended retail price of $999 isn’t exactly debilitating, but obviously the more affordable unit wins out here.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X – Conclusion

The Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X comparison is an interesting one, and both manufacturers have gone to great lengths to deliver the best mobile possible. The more affordable price tag and inclusion of the S Pen with the Galaxy Note 8 certainly makes this a smartphone that is more than worth buying, but overall the iPhone X just perform slightly better in some key smartphone areas. It is this reality which has resulted in such a strong reception for the iPhone X, and the ball will be firmly in Samsung’s court in 2018 when the Galaxy Note 9 arrives.

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