Final Cut Pro X Update Adds Support For 360-Degree VR Editing

Final Cut Pro X Update Adds Support For 360-Degree VR Editing
Image source: Apple

Final Cut Pro is one of the most widely used video editing programs, and Apple today announced a major update to the program Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X

Perhaps the biggest feature of note with the update to Final Cut Pro X is the addition of 360-degree VR video editing. Users can now create 360-degree films that immerse users — watchable in real time using a connected VR headset. Susan Prescott, Vice President of Apps Product Marketing at Apple, elaborated on the new features shipping with Final Cut Pro X:

“With new features like 360-degree VR editing and motion graphics, advanced color grading and HDR support, Final Cut Pro gives video editors the tools to create stunning, next-generation content…When combined with the performance of Mac hardware, including the all-new iMac Pro, Final Cut Pro provides an incredibly powerful post-production studio to millions of video editors around the world.”

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Taking advantage of the power of the all-new iMac Pro, Final Cut Pro X now has the capability to edit 8K for the first time on a Mac. Companion apps Motion and Compressor will also receive 360-degree VR video support. Whether creating YouTube videos or award-winning films, these new features add to the already robust functionality of the Final Cut Pro ecosystem.

Final Cut Pro X Additional Features

As mentioned above, Final Cut Pro X allows editors to create VR content with the ability to import, edit, and deliver content — viewing their project through an HTC VIVE headset with SteamVR. Additional functionality includes the ability to add 360-degree titles in two 2D or 3D, apply blurs, glows, and other immersive effects, and add visual controls that adjust aspects of the video footage. Finished projects can also be shared directly to popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Advanced color grading tools also offer users of Final Cut Pro X the ability to precisely control hue, saturation, and brightness. Color curves provide the capability for ultra-fine adjustments with multiple control points, and eye droppers allow users to sample colors and manually apply white balance. As an added benefit, the program now supports custom lookup tables from popular color grading apps such as DavinciResolve, PremiumBeat, and Color Grading Central, among others.

Color curves are a major benefit, allowing editors to create more beautiful images within Final Cut Pro. Support for popular HDR formats allows users to adjust a wider variety of brightness levels, adding to the capability to deliver increasingly realistic images. The update also makes it easier to import iMovie projects from the iPhone and iPad for more advanced audio work, color grading, and motion graphics.

Overall, the jump with Final Cut Pro X’s feature-rich update adds a lot of functionality to the beloved video editing program. With VR technology advancing and becoming gradually more accessible to the average user, the capability for 360-degree VR editing with astounding 8K quality leverages the power of machines like the new iMac Pro to create beautiful and inspiring projects.

For current customers, the update for Final Cut Pro X is free. New buyers can expect a price of around $50 for the updated program.

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