Elephone S9 Release To Feature Dual Cameras

Elephone has given us hints to information and release dates of the Elephone S9 for a good while now, and AndroidHeadlines has obtained some new information about the upcoming phone. It seems like we may see two variants of the phone, which is brand new information to fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the S9.

Elephone S9 Release
Image Source: Elephone


As a company established in 2006, Elephone got its start in the Asian electronic metropolis of Shenzhen, China. With a goal of letting people all over the world experience Chinese smartphones, the company has generally done a better job than some competitors at expanding their reach to the Western market. While still a small company, they have seen an annual sales volume of over 10,000,000 in North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. These upcoming phones are the latest flagships from the company, and seem to offer noticeable improvements over their predecessors. These new releases will be labeled the Elephone S9 and Elephone S9 Pro.

Elephone S9 and S9 Pro Tech Specs

The source mentioned that the S9 Pro will feature support for NFC, so it’s possible that the regular S9 may omit that functionality. The lack of support would be disappointing, but it’s clear that the Pro is intended to be the more premium model.

Although that is a potential difference between the two models, both releases will feature a dual rear camera setup, and there’s some new info on the specs we can expect. Both phones will include two 13 megapixel lenses. As with many phones, one camera will focus on RBG while the other manages monochrome. The combination of these two lenses will likely produce some beautiful photos that are true-to-life. There has also been news that Elephone has partnered with Arcsoft to provide image algorithms to the camera app. This new technology will boost the Elephone S9’s images — most notably, the bokeh effect.

The collaboration between Elephone and other companies does not end there, however. Rumors suggest that the company has teamed up with Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung — major players in the smartphone scene that can bump up the desirability of the S9 with impressive technical specifications.

The Elephone S9 Pro will likely feature a curved display with extremely thin bezels. An image posted by AndroidHeadlines, featured below, is reminiscent of the Galaxy S8 devices. Emulation of this incredibly successful phone may draw in a more substantial crowd to the smaller smartphone manufacturer. The device will be made out of metal and glass, and will include a Type-C USB port and loudspeaker at the bottom of the phone.

There’s still not any information on when the ElephoneS S9 and Elephone S9 Pro will released, but we’ll likely see an announcement relatively soon. If this information from a reliable source is to be believed, it’s clear that the phone is far along in development. With a beautiful aesthetic and an excellent camera, Elephone seems to have a solid base for an excellent phone. Whether or not they can build upon that foundation with the features that appeal to increasingly selective smartphone users remains to be seen.

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