Chinese Companies Announce Fake iPhone X Clones

Chinese Companies Announce Fake iPhone X Clones
Image source: Mac Rumors

Although the phone has only been out for a little over a month, it seems that several Chinese companies are unveiling iPhone X fake clones with some obvious design influences from Apple’s latest flagships. LEAGOO, based in Shenzen, has recently unveiled the LEAGOO S9 in an email to MacRumors.


New images of the smartphone feature a phone with near non-existent bezels, as well as the iPhone X’s signature “dip” of hardware at the top of the device. With a quick glance, it looks almost exactly like the the hottest smartphone of the year. The phone also features rounded edges, as well as a vertically oriented rear camera on the back of the device.

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This latest of the iPhone X fake clones does have some key differences that differentiate it from its inspiration, however. The phone’s physical buttons all seem to be located on the right side of the device, and the fingerprint sensor is rear-facing — a necessity considering the omission of Apple’s exciting new Face ID technology.

The actual specifications of the LEAGOO S9 are currently unknown, but we imagine it would be quite as powerful as the iPhone X.

iPhone X Fake Clones

The Notch

The LEAGOO S9 is hardly alone, standing as just one option in a sea of Chinese iPhone X fake clones. Boway, based in Hangzhou, China, has recently announced “The Notch” — the printing company’s first attempt to break into the smartphone.

Forbes reports that the Notch will also include small bezels on the left and right sides of the phone, but it will actually have larger top and bottom bezels than both the LEAGOO S9 and the iPhone X. Similarly to LEAGOO’s device, the Notch will feature a rear-facing fingerprint sensor and a vertically oriented camera system. It also seems to come in fun colors like red.

The top bezel of both of the iPhone X fake clones, which in the iPhone X houses the technology for Face ID, is likely just aesthetic, due to the supposed lack of any sort of facial recognition technology. On the iPhone X, the “notch” has a variety of technology including a flood illuminator, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, a speaker, microphone, and dot projector. All of these pieces work in tandem for Face ID, so it’s unclear what exactly — if anything — is present in that bar for the LEAGOO 9 and The Notch.

iPhone X Fake Clones Price

It’s safe to assume that the price of these two phones will be significantly less expensive than the iPhone X. In order to compete with a sea of low-cost smartphones on the Chinese market, it’s important that the phones be priced competitively. Despite being devices obviously designed to emulate high-end devices, the specifications will likely be a lot less impressive than flagships from Apple. However, in a country where appearances matter, having a phone that looks expensive may be more important to many than the features offered by actually more expensive phones. We’ll have to see whether the LEAGOO S9 and the Notch have the power to back up the premium aesthetic that they’re trying to pull off.

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