Peter Thiel on Investment Philosophy, Bitcoin and A.I


An interview with billionaire venture capitalist and co-founder Valar Ventures, Peter Thiel. In this interview, Peter discusses how he approaches investing and what sectors he is most interested in. Peter also talks about Bitcoin and the impact of A.I on society. ?

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 1:14 Where are you finding growth? 2:54 What industries and sectors do you find interesting? 6:57 Where are there the problems in the world today that you can solve? 8:36 Technology in Bio-Tech? 10:15 Where are the opportunities if starting from scratch? 12:38 What will transport look like in the future? 15:00 Are robots going to take our jobs? 17:07 Skill sets of the future? 18:35 Importance of cyber security? 20:31 Where are the bad actors? 21:51 What excites you right now? 23:37 What is Bitcoin based on?

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Interview Date: 26th October, 2017
Event: Future Investment Initiative