Doug Leone: How To Be Successful As A VC And Entrepreneur


An interview and Q&A with billionaire venture capitalist and partner at Sequoia Capital, Doug Leone. In this interview, Doug discusses what makes Sequoia so successful at investing in startups and what makes a great entrepreneur. Doug also talks about what motivates him to be successful and his early life as an immigrant.

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 1:08 Why being an immigrant drives you still today?/ Early life 3:58 Why did come back to the west coast? 6:57 Is you hadn't come back to Silicon Valley, what would you be doing? 8:11 What makes Sequoia so successful? 12:11 How do you continue to motivate yourself and employee’s? 14:36 What do you look for in pitches? 17:38 What types of entrepreneurs make it as founders? 20:07 Thoughts on why there aren't more women in tech? 22:11 Are the companies in Silicon Valley overvalued? 27:16 Power shifting from VC’s to seed investors? 30:09 How should founders think about raising money? 31:17 Success in emerging markets? 33:26 Start of Q&A 33:49 Reasons for not being successful in Brazil? 36:58 How does gender inequality affecting investment decisions? 38:47 Do you have habits that increase your luck? 40:51 What's the next cycle? 44:12 How is you stay hungry when you get success? 46:32 What's matter most to you? Doug Leone’s Favourite Books?(affiliate link) Anti Fragile: Things That Gain From Disorder: Interview Date: 7th November, 2014 Event: Stanford GSB View From The Top Original Image Source:

Billionaire Doug Leone: How To Be Successful As A VC And Entrepreneur

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