Top 10 Managed Futures Programs Of October

If you ignore risk metrics, RCM’s due diligence, and exclusively sort by returns only, these are the Top 10 Managed Futures programs in October. Click through on the manager and program names to view their profiles in our database. For a much more detailed and analytical ranking system, check out RCM’s Managed Futures Rankings.

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ManagerOctober RoRMax DDMin Investment
Covenant Capital —
CCM Optimal QEP
Progressive Capital Partners – Tulip Trend Fund G (QEP)23.94%-35.13%1,000,000
Vivienne Investissement, Mach 5 (QEP)23.11%-37.62%1,000,000
Dreiss Research Corporation(QEP)16.57%-51.44%1,000,000
Whitmore Capital (QEP)15.33%-49.49%250,000
Superfund Capital – Green Master15.19%-65.10%2,000,000
DUNN Capital – World Monetary (QEP)14.11%-60.06%100,000
Brandywine Asset Mgmt, Symphony Preferred Fund13.90%-70.03%100,000
RPM Galaxy Fund13.51%-24.14%250,000
Tomas Capital USD13.39%-43.80%2,000,000


(Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results)

Article by RCM Alternative

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