UPDATE 6:10PM EST The local police are holding a press conference now on the Sutherland Springs church shooting. Police are supposedly searching the shooter’s home for signs of explosives. At least 25 are dead but so far no motive nor names have been released. Stay tuned for further updates on this tragedy.

We regret to inform you of some terrible breaking news but this is one of the worst church massacres ever. The attack took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas at the First Baptist Church. The town is located in the southern part of the state, about 35 to 40 miles from San Antonio. The lone terrorist (whose identity has not yet been released) has been killed while running away from Police after the mass slaughter. The President has just tweeted on the topic which we embedded below (not much info from him or other authorities yet on this topic)

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It appears that there are 27 confirmed deaths from the terrible attack and dozens more injured.

Below are some reactions from world leaders - stay tuned for this developing study

CNN reports at least 20 day, although local media said at least 27 earlier

Senator Ted Cruz

Ortega, President of Nicaragua I think, is doing live conference on the event right now