Space Dust Could Have Transported Alien Insects To Earth

Space Dust Could Have Transported Alien Insects To Earth
Image Source: Pixabay

According to new research, space dust could have transported alien insects to Earth and terrestrial microbes to other planets in the universe. The scientists in Edinburgh have studied flows of interplanetary dust, which can travel in the space at up to 43.75 miles per second, and they have come up with the theory of space dust transporting microbes to other planets from our Earth. They determined that bio-particles that are floating high in the atmosphere at an altitude of 93 miles or more could have been released from Earth’s gravity by space dust.

Special types of bacteria, plants, and even tiny micro-animals that are called tardigrades have been known to be capable of surviving in space. That being said, the same event could have occurred in reverse, which means that the space dust could have brought interstellar bugs to Earth, which then led to a possibility of seeding life on our planet, according to the scientists

“The proposition that space dust collisions could propel organisms over enormous distances between planets raises some exciting prospects of how life and the atmospheres of planets originated. The streaming of fast space dust is found throughout planetary systems and could be a common factor in proliferating life,” said Professor Arjun Berera, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy, as quoted by Daily Mail.

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