Was The Saudi Arabia Airport Really The Mysterious Missile Target?

Was The Saudi Arabia Airport Really The Mysterious Missile Target?
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As citizens in an uncertain political climate, you never know what’s going to happen next. The advanced nature of weaponry means one wrong move or rash decision could wipe out an entire country. This scary prospect encourages nations to form relationships and is enough warning for everyone to take a step back. Our existence is more important than quarrels which lead to war, though power and influence sometimes changes this perception.

Now a new debate about a missile that landed in Saudi Arabia has emerged as some are questioning whether the missile target was actually what officials are saying it was.

Was the airport the intended missile target?

A missile supposedly targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia recently, and some believe that missile came from Iran, according to Time. It was intercepted in Saudi Arabia northeast of Riyadh last Saturday, and the U.S. Air Force announced that it has “Iranian markings.”

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According to the Daily Star, Jeffrey Harrigan, commander of U.S. Air Forces Central Command for Southwest Asia, told reporters at a press conference in Dubai that the missile target was the main airport near Saudi Arabia’s capital. He added that an investigation is underway to determine who smuggled it into Yemen. This is a pressing question, especially considering the ongoing naval and air blockade.

Harrigan wouldn’t give specifics, and there is uncertainty surrounding the exact type of missile deployed. According to RT, one thing the news does indicate is Iran’s missile range. It also reveals that missile launches from Yemen aren’t unlikely. Both U.S. and Saudi officials are confident the projectile came from Iran, and politicians support this. Though no evidence has been presented, we presume the experts have sufficient scope to make such an assessment.

Iranian regime

The uncovered wreckage underlines “the role of the Iranian regime in manufacturing,” claims the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry, according to RT, though this claim hasn’t been followed up. The French president was recently available for comment, the media outlet adds, and he backed up claims by stating the missile was “obviously” Iranian.

With most backing officials’ reported identity of the missile, it’s important to maintain an air of uncertainty, in which it’s difficult to determine the exact intention and location. What is certain is that countries continue to develop missiles, creating defense systems to protect their homeland.

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