How To Read The World Class Benchmarking Triangle (5 Of 5)

How to Become Financially World Class, Part 5

In this five-part video series Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA walks you through all the basics you need to know about World Class Benchmarking and How to Make Your Company Financially World Class.

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We know that business is hard, but we believe that the financial aspects should NOT be. World Class Benchmarking is a clear-cut financial tool for that takes the finances of your company from complicated to simple, from scattered to focused, and from individual to team.

How to answer these questions?

  • How do I create clear and consistent financial goals?
  • How do I get everyone on my team to understand the company’s financial goals?
  • How do I make sure that the company’s financial goals do not cause internal competition?
  • How do I align my team’s financial goals with my firm’s financial goals?

This triangle

Financially World Class

Top of the triangle

  • The top of the triangle is the measure that matters: Profitable Growth
  • We rank the company from 1 (best) to 10 (worst)
  • We track the company for 5 years
  • A company should strive for strong profit growth with minimum asset use

Middle of the triangle

  • Profitable Growth rank driven from results of two different measures below
  • Strong Profitability means generating more profit from assets
  • Earnings per share Growth, the market values it and so should you

Bottom of the triangle

  • Results at the top of the triangle are explained by the two items below
  • Profitable Growth is explained by the company’s rank against global peers on six different measures, four of them on the bottom of the triangle
  • Asset utilization – Revenue generated from assets
  • Profit margin – A measure of cost control
  • Sales growth – Proves customers want products
  • Profit margin change – Internal driver of EPS growth
  • Level two and three explain what is the source of Profitable Growth

Now you see the gold of World Class Benchmarking

  • By just looking at the triangle you can know about the financial performance of the company
  • Profitable Growth matters most
  • Everyone understands a 1-10 ranked scorecard
  • Like a scorecard in sports the goal is clear to all team members and does not change midgame
  • This gets all employees aligned behind one financial goal, to become Financially World Class

Article by Become A Better Investor