Nxt-Id CEO Gino Pereira – Smart Technology, The Future of Authentication, And Why Invest in NXTD

Nxt-Id CEO Gino Pereira – Smart Technology, The Future of Authentication, And Why Invest in NXTD

Executive Casts sat down with Nxt-ID Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD) CEO Gino Pereira so we could get his perspective on various aspects of his company.  NXTD is a technology company focused on products, solutions and services for security on mobile devices. The Company’s core  technologies consist of those that support digital payments, biometric identification, encryption, sensors and miniaturization. Mr. Periera’s full series can be viewed below.  In a nutshell, you will see him talk about his own background, the Company’s growth by business segment, valuation and acquisition strategy.  He also elaborates on the crux of the different segments that comprise NXTD’s core business model.

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08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Nxt-ID Profile

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08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Why Invest in NXTD

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Overview of Nxt ID’s History

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | How NXTD’s Current Company Came Together

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | On FitPay Acquisition

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | On Smartphones and the Future of Authentication

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | On WorldVentures Partnerships and the Flye Smart Card

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | How LogicMark is Going to Evolve

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Smart Technology Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult to Use

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | LogicMark Economics & Support Element

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Transitioning from the Legacy Business

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Revenues and Growth

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Acquisition Strategy

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | On Valuation

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Gino’s Background and Career Overview

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Challenges and Risks

08/23/2017 | NXTD | Gino Pereira | Growth by Business Segment

Gino Pereira – Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Nxt-ID

From the date of inception of the Company, Mr. Pereira, one of Nxt-ID co-founders, has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Director. Mr. Pereira has over 30 years of executive, operational and financial experience with technology companies in the United States, Europe and the Far East. He has also helped to develop several technology start-ups as well as served in an executive capacity in a large multinational public company.

Mr. Pereira was Chief Financial Officer and later Chief Executive Officer of Technest Holdings Inc., a publicly quoted defense contracting company, from 2004 to 2011. Technest Holdings operated subsidiaries EOIR Technologies, Inc. and Genex Technologies, Inc. Mr. Pereira is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (UK) and has an MBA, with a specialty in finance, from the Manchester Business School in England.

Mr. Pereira brings to the Board significant expertise in the biometric and software recognition industries, as well as experience in international business technology and extensive management and operating experience. Having founded and/or operated companies in similar or related industries during the past 15 years, provides the board with unparalleled knowledge of the Company and its operations and an understanding of the markets the Company plans to operate in.

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Article by Maj Soueidan, GEO Investing

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