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4 Handy Tools For Growing Businesses To Keep Tabs On Mobile Workforce

Of course, your field employees need to be mobile in order to do their job but managing remote staff scattered all over the place can be a real conundrum, especially for growing businesses. There is a fine line between knowing the whereabouts of your field employees at any given time and keeping them on a tight leash. Yet, it’s critical for a young entrepreneur to find out why certain meetings or appointments weren’t fulfilled, why some employees are taking so long, etc.


Mobile Workforce Managing Remote Staff
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Managing remote staff effectively is therefore seen as a tricky affair but crucial particularly for companies in the service industry that heavily rely on customer referrals to get new business. There are though a growing number of field service management apps that are utilized by the companies for a range of tasks. Growing businesses can greatly benefit from this type of solution as it helps them improve productivity and reduce expenses.

Though features and functionality vary from application to application, most field service management software offer solutions that business managers and executives can use in managing remote staff ranging from trace location of their remote employees, cut down on excessive paperwork, deliver better overall service and more. In fact, there are a few that even offer CRM features like invoicing and easily integrates with accounting software.

Businesses that leverage field service managing remote staff keys which have remained successful in delivering better services, generating more referrals from satisfied clients by improving on-time records. Here we have picked up four best online field service apps to aid you to manage your mobile workforce.

  1. ProntoForms

ProntoForms automates mobile workflows and allow field employees to gather data using a mobile device, access business information in the field, and automatically share the end results with their team, back-office apps, and cloud services. Growing businesses can use this program to analyze, enhance and track their processes.

Furthermore, they can gain actionable insights that can be used in the future to make informed decisions. This app is a secure, scalable, and intuitive solution that is utilized by more than 3,500 enterprises to channelize their business processes and play on the low total cost of ownership.

  1. Wintac

Wintac is a complete business management solution that gives service contractors the ability to run more efficient, profitable and organized businesses. The tool is designed to help small to medium-sized field contracting and service businesses, so they can offer better customer service by eliminating waste.

Through the Wintac app and web portal, service professionals can use service tracking, dispatching, equipment installation tools, scheduling, and inventory management that are necessary to become more productive, independent and informed while operating in the field.

  1. Xnspy

Xnspy is an advanced employee monitoring app that ensures your field employees will remain within the scope of your management, no matter where ever they are. Thanks to the GPS tracking feature on the app, business owners can succeed in managing remote staff down to their current location. The functionality works in tandem with the GPS technology on employees’ cell phones or tablets.

The mapping and tracking capabilities of Xnspy enables you to optimize resources by tracing their location. On top of that, the platform offers geofencing functionality that empowers you to set imaginary confines around specific areas such as your office, an offsite job location, etc. to receive instant alerts as soon as a worker enters or leaves the designated zone.

  1. Kickserv

This program takes care of virtually everything from online appointments to sales, team scheduling, job estimate, job tracking, invoice and online payments. Your staff members can quickly add their time entries into the app, so you can see where exactly they are at and which client they are with on your desktop or iOS device.

The Kickserv iOS field service management application enables technicians to send automatic team status updates to the workplace, view various jobs and opportunities from the field, tracks time, charges and notes, attach documents and images to a job. The mobile app can also be used to track payroll reports and bill customers.

The robust features of the service management app are suited to freelancers and the ones who make house calls in industries like plumbing, HVAC, lawn care, construction, pest control, and maid services. You can use the 14-day free trial version of the app to test it out before making the purchase.


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