The iPhone X Hack Allows It To Run Windows 95 And The SimCity 2000

The iPhone X Hack Allows It To Run Windows 95 And The SimCity 2000
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Apple’s iPhone X has been the center of attention lately. The company launched its latest flagship on Nov. 3, and ever since, the web has been flooded with reviews, opinions, guides and critics. Apparently, the phone has already been jailbroken, and there have been a lot of different hacks concerning Apple’s flagship. However, this iPhone X hack that emerged on YouTube displays the new iPhone running Windows 95, which is over two decades old and the owner of that iPhone also playing SimCity.

Aside from running an extremely old operating system, and playing an even older game, the iPhone X is even capable of starting Microsoft Word. The video that emerged has been uploaded to YouTube by a YouTube channel called “Hacking Jules.” The video now has over 55,000 views and lasts around five minutes, showing the iPhone X owner starting Windows 95, with the touch gestures working, while Jules in the video used fingers to move the cursor over the screen. The user effortlessly ran SimCity, which worked properly, while launching MS Word, which even includes an on-screen keyboard, where the person successfully inputs keys.

According to Jules, running Windows 95, launching Microsoft Word, and SimCity has been possible as a result of the PowerDOS emulation. Still, it would be great to see the iPhone X running some other games. Nevertheless, SimCity is one of the games that is considered priceless.

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This is not the first time that someone has attempted to run an old version of Windows on some of Apple’s devices such as the iPhone or iPad. However, what Jules did is amazing as this is the first time we saw that it is possible on the iPhone X. Seeing an old Windows version in 2017 is not something that we see every day, moreover, seeing it on a 2017 iPhone running Apple’s software is more than unlikely.

What do you think about the iPhone X Hack Jules did? Would you dare to do the same on your iPhone X? In case you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out on the link above.

Happy hacking!

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