Here Are Some Of Microsoft’s Black Friday Deals

The Black Friday 2017 week is approaching, and you definitely can’t miss out on upgrading your already existing gadgets, especially if you are a gamer. As you may know, most of the major retailers have announced their Black Friday deals ads on their official websites. Sony, among others, has also announced some early details regarding this year’s Christmas season. One of its biggest rivals, Microsoft, doesn’t fall far behind. The company announced some of its early deals for this season. Moreover, a couple of deals will be available starting this weekend. Here are some of Microsoft’s early Black Friday deals.

Microsoft's Black Friday Deals

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The company said that it will be giving a discount to some of its own digital titles starting Nov. 17 for Xbox Live Gold Members, while regular shoppers will be able to buy some of their favorite titles starting Nov. 21. The company will offer up to 65% off some of the more popular titles, which could include Gears of War 4, Forza Motorsport 7, and Halo Wars 2. It is important to note that there are some third-party offerings as well. Gold members will be able to get an additional 10% off on digital games.

That’s not all. Starting Nov.16, first-time subscribers will be offered to “Go Gold”, paying only $1 for the first month, and save 10% from the original offer. Players who subscribe and “Go Gold” get to join a multiplayer community and get discounted and free games. Microsoft is also offering unlimited access to 100+ amazing titles for $1 for the first month, starting Nov. 17. New games are added every month, allowing you to always experience something new.

Finally, here are some of Microsoft’s Black Friday deals worth checking out in Microsoft Stores and online. The Xbox One S with 500GB storage will be available for $189, starting on Nov. 23. Moreover, if you are interested in customizing your new controller, you can create your own custom controller via Xbox Design Lab. Getting your own customized controller will be $15 off the normal price, starting it $64.99 plus free shipping.

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft will prepare its full list of available titles ready just in a few days. We will update the post with the games from Microsoft’s Black Friday deals, you may be interested in. So if you already prepared your list of games for the upcoming Christmas season, make sure to check out to see if some of the games you want are included in Microsoft’s Black Friday deals!

Happy Shopping!

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