Google Finance Rolls Out New Redesign

Google Finance Rolls Out New Redesign
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Google Finance has been a functional and powerful tool since its inception, but it hasn’t always had the cleanest interface. It’s previously been clunky and sometimes difficult to navigate, but that has all changed with the recent rollout of a new redesign.

Google Finance is now accessible from the search tab, and the live stock tracking utility will be available right from your browser. When you search for a stock, the new “Finance” tab will pop up, directing you to their new web interface. The existing site,, will also soon redirect to this new dynamic and easily accessible search tab.

Although most Google Finance features have transitioned seamlessly to the new format, some users may be disappointed to find that certain aspects of the website didn’t make the cut. The portfolio features and ability to download historical data are no longer present, which definitely reduces some of the functionality. There’s currently a “My Stocks” page that lets you keep an eye on your favorite stocks, but it will no longer allow you to view your current holdings and transactions.

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The redesign of Google Finance is the latest in a string of product redesigns for the search engine giant, with Google News and Google Calendar getting a makeover in the last six months. The old Finance page was based around Google’s design philosophy in 2011 that utilized shades of red and gray, and this new redesign draws from their current focus on “cards.”

Unfortunately, Google Finance has largely been neglected by the company in favor of their more popular programs. The Finance app was left without updates on the app store for five years before it was finally pulled in 2015, and there’s yet to be a replacement. The web client wasn’t a whole lot better, relying on Adobe Flash which isn’t even enabled in Google Chrome by default.

This redesign may mean that the company is at least slightly interested in continuing support for their Finance site. The blog post that announced the redesign said that they would continually look over feedback on the site and update things as necessary. It’s good that Google is listening to the community regarding changes — but if their previous track record is any indication, updates may be few and far between. Whether they stay true to their word and avoid leaving us with another outdated product in a few years remains to be seen.

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