Google Drive / Docs / Sheets Down Worldwide For Users [UPDATE]

THE LATEST: The problems with Google Drive down seem to have been resolved. It’s unclear what caused the service disruption.


Is Google Drive down for you? If so, you can relax… somewhat. It’s not just you.

Google drive down

Is Google Drive down?

Down Detector showed a sudden surge in reports from people asking, “Is Google Drive down?” within the last hour. There are a few reports from Europe, especially the southern part of the U.K. and northern Europe. However, it looks like the vast majority of reports were coming from the U.S., especially California, Washington State, and the East Coast, although there are also plenty of reports coming from other major metropolitan areas throughout the country.

The sheer number of tweets from people stressing out over deadlines and not being able to access their files reveals just how vital Google has made itself.

Google Docs, Google Sheets in Google Drive down

At this time, Google is not showing that Drive is actually down on its G Suite Status Dashboard. However, it is acknowledging a “service disruption” with Google Docs. We should note that an “outage” is colored differently than a “service disruption” on the company’s dashboard.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the disruptions, as some users in areas where the reports are coming in thicker are still able to access their files in Google Drive. At this point, we don’t know what will happen to the files that were open at the time the service went down. The last time there were widespread problems with Google Drive down, it took hours for the company to bring it back up, and it had to apologize for the issues.