Fixing The File Share Error In MacOS High Sierra

Regular updates are always necessary to keep any software or operating system up to date, but even the most capable development team isn’t perfect. There are always bugs that slip by here and there, and there’s a particularly annoying one with the most recent Mac update. We’ve detailed how to fix the file share error in MacOS High Sierra. Hopefully Apple will patch out the issue, but you can address it following the steps in this article..

File Share Error

Security Update 2017-001

Perhaps the reason behind the file share error in MacOS High Sierra was the necessity for a quick security patch to address a major vulnerability. It was recently reported that the operating system had a serious security flaw that allowed any individual with the ability to login to access the machine as a root user. This is extremely dangerous, as it gives cyber criminals unrestricted control over the machine.

The speedy release of security update 2017-001 unfortunately came with another major issue — file sharing. This is an important functionality that’s widely used, so it’s caused a good amount of frustration as users tried to find a way to correct what this recent update broke. Apple has (thankfully) recognized the problem and released a support document that outlines the steps to repairing file sharing.

How to Fix File Sharing in MacOS High Sierra

Following the steps below should restore everything back to normal and get your Mac running with increased security and fewer bugs.

  1. Open the Terminal app, found in the Utilities section of your Applications folder.
  2. Type sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC and press return
  3. Enter the administrator password and press return.
  4. Exit the Terminal app.

After going through this process, the issue should be fixed, leaving you with perfect file sharing that works as it had been before security update 2017-001. Many Mac users have reported that this fix does indeed work to restore file sharing functionality as intended.

Hopefully with future updates, Apple takes steps to correct the issue. While it’s a pretty quick fix to address the file share error in MacOS High Sierra, it’s still relatively complex and not something the average Mac user would stumble upon.

Apple has been applauded for how quickly they’ve rolled out this security update, and we’re optimistic about quick bug fixes. Until that happens, however, you’ll be able to get things back as they had been with just a few minutes of your time.

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