Facebook Polls Are More Fun Now With GIF-Based Polling Feature

Facebook is making polls even more exciting with its latest update. The social networking giant has come up with a new format for Facebook Polls. It works the same way as the standard poll, but it allows a user to vote using GIFs rather than simple text.

Facebook Polls now more fun

It seems that Facebook has been obsessed with polls this year. The company recently acquired the teens anonymous polling app tbh. Earlier, it added polls in Messenger, and just last month, Instagram added polling stickers to its Stories feature. Now, Facebook has launched Polls globally on the iOS, Android and the web.

It must be noted that Facebook Polls is not altogether a new feature. It has been around for quite some time now, but it was only text-based and was only available for Pages (not for personal accounts). However, Facebook has been testing GIFs-based polls for Pages this year, according to TNW. Now, it appears that the company finally rolled out the feature for all users.

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To create a poll, head to Facebook and click the “What’s on your mind” text box, there you will see a new “Polls” icon. Click on that, and then type the question (no character limit) into the status box labeled “ask a question.” After completing the question, you will be asked to add responses (only two) limited to 25 characters. Then you will have to add images or GIFs for each response by clicking the symbols beside each answer box.

It is not exactly clear why Facebook has kept only two responses, unlike the usual four. According to Engadget, one reason could be that Facebook “wants the poll to be more image-oriented than Twitter’s and the layout on mobile lends itself better to two responses.” Twitter first came out with polls back in 2015.

You can also set the expiry of the poll to whatever you want, be it a day, one week or never. Now hit the Post button in the top right corner to set the poll live on your Facebook page. You will be notified as a vote comes in, and those voting can also see how others have voted.

ARPU tops $5 for the first time

Facebook Polls will surely make the conversation simpler along with helping users in organizing plans and gathering opinions. The social networking giant regularly comes up with new and fun features that not only helps users connect with friends and family, but also helps the company to encourage users to spend more time on the platform.

Thanks to such features, Facebook reported a 47% rise in its third-quarter revenue to $10.3 billion. The number of users also increased to 2.07 billion. The company is now making more money per user. According to its quarterly report filed with the SEC on Thursday, the company for the first time generated more than $5 per user. Facebook’s ARPU (average revenue per user) has grown by 26% from last year to $5.07. In the same quarter last year, ARPU was $4.01, while in 2015, it was $2.97, according to Facebook.