Google Testing An Elegant New Interface For Google Assistant

Google Testing An Elegant New Interface For Google Assistant
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It seems that technology is continuing to advance at an alarming rate, where customer demands and expectations are pushing the culture in a progressive direction. Google is one of the biggest driving forces in today’s society, so every decision they make is newsworthy, especially if it relates to the topical virtual assistant market. Google famously introduced their ‘Google Now’ virtual assistant, which later evolved before being replaced with ‘Now cards’ and ‘feed’. More recently, Google introduced an intelligent personal assistant called ‘Google Assistant’, which expands on the concepts previously explored with Google Now. Google are now attempting to transcend the style of their virtual assistant by introducing a sleek new interface.

After introducing the brand new supercharged Assistant AI, this was perceived as an attempt to dominate Apple, Samsung, and Amazon in the race to who has the best voice assistant software. With added touches to a platform which people have become accustomed to saying ‘OK Google’ to, the design changes make the product much more appealing, particularly from an aesthetics viewpoint.

The virtual assistant has always been considered a must have feature, and at one time was considered futuristic in Sci-Fi circles. Today the concept is a reality, but recent developments have continuously fallen short of customer expectations. Recent research indicates 50% of people don’t find virtual assistants useful, and in today’s day and age, Google are finally making strides towards solving this conundrum.

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Despite the backlash surrounding the technology, a third of consumers in the US and UK use digital assistants, and Google are currently positioned to continue on route to dominating the market. As things currently stand, Siri is a widespread tool used among iPhone users, but the software is limited to selective channels, which are less likely to expand outwards since they’re confined within the Apple ecosystem. Google’s efforts to update their virtual assistant prioritizes creating a convenient experience for users, who should be able to complete tasks in less time with the virtual assistant than without.

Changes to the Assistant AI includes to the search box, which was molded in a rectangular shape, but is now a lot more friendly on the eye, appearing as a rounded design. Changes to the color are noticeable too, where the prior gray, subjectively dull background has been modified and shines a clear and crisp white, with a shadow effect to make critical information more prominent. These fresh revisions allow for a much neater, polished appearance, and in ways the changes are aligned with Google Calendar receiving a fresh look.

The transcendence of society will permit an emergence of a new technology in 2018, particularly regarding digital assistants. Google are revolutionizing their output in terms of design and functionality, and as they focus on offering a more personal experience, we are moving one step closer to future. Google’s new interface has been praised, and I too praise the new clean design. It stands for professionalism and is pleasant on the eye, and we can anticipate great things from Google going forward.

I hope you have found this article informative, and have a better understanding of how virtual assistants have, and will continue to impact the world we live in. If you feel as if I’ve left anything out, or would simply like to drop a comment below to create an open discussion about technology, then please feel welcome too.

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