Apple Patents Secret Biometric Tracking System For Unauthorized Users

According to Patently Apple, Apple has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for technology that employs secret biometric identification and tracking of unauthorized or illegal users, the Apple Secret Biometric Tracking. Filed in the second quarter of 2016 and made public on Nov. 14, 2017, patent # 9,819,676 introduces a new superior biometric security system that gathers fingerprints as a way of identifying unauthorized people trying to unlock another person’s MacBook, tablet, or iPhone.

Apple Secret Biometric Tracking System
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Secret Photographing and Video Archiving

The biometrics of an illegal person attempting to unlock another person’s gadget will be secretly photographed and a video taken, which will be archived.

Apple notes in the filling, “The user of computing gadget may wish to be able to identify the unauthorized user who has tried to use his or her computing gadget…. Such identification of an unauthorized user who has tried to use a computing gadget may assist the owner in prosecuting the illegal user.”

Apple’s exclusive rights relate to methods and systems for capturing biometric info for identifying illegal users, as opposed to an authorized or legal owner using Touch ID to open or unlock his or her gadget.

In the filing, Apple argues that the device can decide whether to take biometric info based on the occurrence of one or more trigger conditions. These trigger conditions can be receipt of one or a number of instructions from one or many gadgets, detection of potential illegal access by the gadget, normal use of the machine, and many other situations.

Apple Secret Biometric Tracking Collects and Stores Information

The machine may gather and store biometric data, which might include a number of fingerprints, a number of images of a recent user of the gadget, video of the recent user, audio of the surroundings of the machine, forensic interface use info, and much more, according to the filling.

Apple Secret Biometric Tracking enables the machine to store the biometric info in a hidden form and/or in an encrypted manner, then produce the data for the discovery of an unauthorized user, so as to identify and/or track an unauthorized user. The patented innovation certainly applies to user applications and products, however, Apple notes in the filling that the technology can also be designed for law enforcement agencies, the military, and enterprises.

Earlier in 2017, Apple patented technology to inconspicuously call 911 using the users fingerprint. Originally filed back in late 2013 and made public on July 18, the patent use for “Biometric Initiated Communication” showed a technology that could sense the “way” in which your finger touched the iPhone screen to activate a 911 call.


Apple Secret Biometric Tracking is a game changer in the industry of technology and security. Users can now be assured of secure use of devices and storage of sensitive information without worrying about third-parties accessing it as there are consequences of being caught. There is enough evidence to argue in court and even jail the intruder.