Apple iPhone X Goes On Sale In 13 More Countries

Apple iPhone X Goes On Sale In 13 More Countries
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The Apple iPhone X was the most awaited gadget of this year, and many are still waiting for this super premium phone. However, for the potential buyers in 13 more countries, the wait is now over.

Easing shipping dates

On Friday, Apple launched the iPhone X in 13 more countries – Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, South Africa and Turkey. In all these markets (except for Turkey and Macau), the handset is exclusively being sold by authorized third-party resellers and carriers, notes MacRumors. In Turkey and Macau, Apple does have a retail presence.

In Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey, the iPhone X can also be purchased via regional online Apple stores. The online shipping estimates in these countries is currently showing at 1 to 3 business days. In fact, the iPhone X shipping estimates have improved in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia to around 1-2 weeks, notes MacRumors. In these markets, the handset was made available on Nov. 3.