Echo Plus with built-in Hub – Silver + Philips Hue Bulb

Echo Plus with built-in Hub – Silver + Philips Hue Bulb

f you thought that a smart home is just a dream, then you might be living on a different timeline. For years now, smart home has been one of the focal points of Amazon and its original Echo is a testament to the power of technology, and is now on sale for Cyber Monday. Fast-forward today and now we have the updated and souped-up version of the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Plus.

It is the centerpiece of the updated Amazon Alexa speaker lineup and is destined to be the master of your very own smart home. It can act as the central hub for all of your Amazon connected devices while also carrying out voice activated commands that was present in the original Amazon Echo.

What We Like About The Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo plus shrank in size compared to the original Echo, but don’t let this size fool you. In fact, the sound quality of the new Amazon Echo Plus is a lot more clearer and concise compared to its predecessor. With its retained cylindrical design that stands at 230mm tall and 80mm wide, the Amazon Echo Plus is also available in silver, black and white. It has a dotted speaker grille that wraps around its body, and the color-changing light that surrounds its upper part is really amazing.

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As always, the Amazon Echo Plus can be controlled through voice-activated commands. But it also has two hardware buttons sitting on top just in case the voice command fails. The two hardware buttons contain a “mute” button and another butting to activate Alexa without using the “Alexa” voice command.

With a rotating ring at the top of the Echo Plus, the volume can also be manually controlled. This feature was carried over from previous Amazon Echo models.


The Amazon Echo Plus is very easy to set up and link to your Alexa phone app. AS long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, issuing voice commands to this smart speaker is very easy to do. There are more than 15000 voice-activated commands available to use for the Amazon Echo-plus. It is like having a conversation with a device that actually serves you and does amazing functions for your home. From playing songs through Amazon’s audio services or third-party sites such as Spotify, you can really feel that the audio quality of the Amazon Echo Plus is vastly improved over its predecessor.

From controlling your thermostat setting to smart-locking your doors, there are so many things that you can do through voice-activated commands with the Amazon Echo Plus. It is a very efficient system – one that does not need external plugs and wires to setup multiple hubs. This is the reason why we love the Amazon Echo Plus – it makes living in your smart home such an easy and enjoyable task.

Our verdict? For the price, you can’t really find anything else that can beat the Amazon Echo Plus. The advantage of the Amazon Echo Plus lies on its centralized functions and services that is connected to Amazon and Alexa. This alone is worth the price that you are paying for!

But hurry the sale ends soon!

Cyber Monday deal

List Price: $164.98
With Deal: $119.99 & FREE Shipping.
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