Has An Alien UFO From Area 51 Been Discovered On Google Maps?

Alien UFO From Area 51Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Area 51 is perhaps the most mysterious governmental property in the United States, with a history filled with rumors and speculation. As an area that’s strictly off limits to civilian populations, the highly-classified offshoot of Edwards Air Force Base is widely thought to be the testing ground for experimental aircraft and weapons systems. Google’s mapping technology captures all sorts of images from around the world, and while there aren’t pictures of Area 51, it seems as if a previously designed Area 51 aircraft was discovered in Australia. New photographs from Google Maps seem to indicate some sort of strange aircraft, which some speculate might be an Alien UFO originally held at the military base.

After the pictures were discovered, many thought it to be some variation of the triangular TR-3B, created by the military and subsequently hidden from the public. Not much is known about this aircraft, but interested parties have since discovered video footage of what appears to be the TR-3B shooting some sort of laser. The aircraft features 3 lights on each of the triangular design’s 3 points, and some sort of portal seems to open in the middle. Most people believe that the aircraft is a secret developed by the government and closely guarded by the military, but some suggest that this supposed TR-3B was an alien UFO visiting Earth.

A triangular object, a picture of which is included below, was discovered on Google Earth between Badgingarra National Park and Wongonderrah Nature Reserve in western Australia. Subsequently, it seems as if the images have disappeared off of the website which leads some to believe it may be some sort of cover up. Alien UFO hunter Mike Zeroh believes the images to be legitimate, stating, “We have no idea what it’s doing in Australia but I fully believe it’s real footage and not a hoax and could be military aircraft or something from another planet perhaps.”

It’s important to understand, however, that these are all just rumors and speculation. Many people doubt that this image is any sort of alien UFO, instead attributing the triangular formation to equipment from a nearby wind farm. Whether or not Area 51 is holding some sort of significant alien discovery away from the public may never be revealed, but for many people this image on Google Earth is an insignificant discovery. The uncovering of anything related to government secrets or alien technology is always met with skepticism, as it should be. These new images are anything but a confirmation of an alien visitor.

Area 51 remains shrouded in mystery, and it’s possible we’ll never know exactly what goes on in that secret government facility. If the triangular object spotted by users on Google Earth is truly from the military base, it’s far more likely that it’s some sort of experimental aircraft designed by our government. But many people remain convinced that Area 51 is a holding place for alien UFO technology. Whether designed by the government or a visitor from outer space, there’s no doubt about it: this triangular image certainly looks otherworldly.

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