Will There Be An iPhone 9?

Will There Be An iPhone 9?
Credit: Pixabay

The iPhone X isn’t even available for sale yet but the tech world is already looking ahead to the next big thing. Looking ahead into Apple’s future, however, begs the question about what the next big thing will be. Of course Apple will release a new device next year. That’s a given. But will there be an iPhone 9?

On the surface, the question seems ridiculous. Of course there will be an iPhone 9! Or maybe an iPhone 8S. But there’s no way Apple doesn’t release an update to the most popular, well-known smartphone of all time, right? Well… Not so fast.

This current release cycle seems a little strange for Apple. There is the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus. This is the first time that Apple has had two entirely different models in their lineup. The iPhone X is, of course, the new design that follows the latest trends in the smartphone industry. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the same design that we have come to know and love from Apple. I think the pricing of these devices is what causes the most confusion for some. For example, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X don’t have a wide price gap between them. If you’re looking at an iPhone 8 Plus with larger storage it almost makes more sense to think about picking up an iPhone X and see if you can get by with less storage. That way you have the newest, most cutting edge design and features.

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